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I am a non-denominational Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, writer, and love storyteller. In 2011, my best friends asked me to officiate their wedding and that began my journey into this ritual. More friends asked. Friends of friends asked. And then word spread and I met with couples who became new friends. I love the ritual of weddings and the magic of ceremony. I am a very spiritual person, empath, and healer. As a seasoned writer and journalist, telling your love story and finding the right words for your wedding is part of my life’s work.

I create custom ceremonies for each couple. I write thoughtful and meaningful rituals with the help of our correspondence. And I help curate the ceremony from start to finish — everything from how you walk down the aisle to the recessional. I’ll work with your guests, other vendors involved, and the venue to make sure the entire ceremony runs smoothly and so you do not have to worry about any of those things. I want your focus to be on each other and be in the moment.

I love to incorporate customs and traditions that are meaningful to you, and have included beloved rituals like handfasting, blessing circles, crystal grids, crystal blessings, hand washing in magical botanicals and herbs, and Reiki healing. As your officiant, it’s my honor to make your wedding unforgettable, magical, and without stress.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

There are no "rules." When I collaborate with couples when planning the ceremony, I let them know that they can break the rules — you don't have to partake in the things you've seen at other weddings that don't feel right to you. Flower "girls" can be men or your grandma. You can play rock, paper, scissors during the ritual to decide who says their vows first. We can do crystal magic and pause to break out into song. There are no rules when it comes to how we craft the ritual of getting married. Be you. Always. And that's how we can create the most incredible ceremony.

As the officiant, I take care of the "rules" part with signing of papers and saying certain words, but your dream wedding is where you and your partner are able to be yourselves, to incorporate the rituals that resonate with the two of you, and to create the kind of magic that only the two of you can.

"Michele made our ceremony the most beautiful moment and more than I could have ever dreamt of. She was able to capture who we were as a couple, and even though we didn't know her before you would have never known – the way that she captured our love through the ceremony was unbelievable." – Myriah Anderson

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