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Hi friends! I'm gonna cut right to the chase. I believe in imperfect wedding photography. That might seem like a weird thing to say, because perfection is great — I used to love the posing and the photos that belong in magazines.

Then one day I said "f*** that." I started focusing on love and honesty, embracing grit, and stopped Photoshopping out people's unique beauty. I found the joy in connection and what I'm really passionate about — the realness, the rawness, and the laughter.

Nowadays, my brand of wedding photography is based around authentic moments and all about documenting the joy, the laughter, and the people who traveled dozens/hundreds/thousands of miles to come celebrate with you. I focus on capturing your real personality instead of poses, and when posing is necessary (the ever-important group shots), I'll make it as painless as I can!

It's one part goofy-as-hell, one part kinda epic, one part warm & intimate, and all parts 100% genuine.

So let's do this damn thing. Let's have fun and make the most beautiful, imperfect, honest, gritty, funny, and love-filled photos on your wedding day. I can't wait!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

A quick story: once upon a time, someone asked me what I do with all the "outtakes" from a shoot — the photos that aren't posed.

I (literally) said, “huh? those ‘outtakes’ are my favorite photos.” I deliver those. Those "outtakes" are real moments and reflect the people in them and I put my heart and soul into capturing that. I'm not trying to make magazine-ready wedding portraits and I don't care too much for wedding blogs full of elaborate details. There’s a reason you won’t find photos of things in my wedding portfolio – I just want to tell peoples' lovely little stories.

Also, while every wedding & couple I photograph is different, the most important thing for me, no matter the specifics, is always connecting with my couples. I don't want to be just another "wedding vendor" or want you to just be my "wedding couple." I want us to be friends working together towards the shared goal of creating beautiful documentation of an important moment in your lives together, and I want to be a part of your planning process the entire way.

If this sounds like the experience you're looking for with your wedding photographer, let's chat!

"Had such a great experience with Matt! He captured not just moments, but feelings too. You can just see our love in the photos! It makes me so happy to be able to look back on this time in our lives together. Absolutely love the photos & will cherish them forever!!" – Sarah

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All Offbeat Bride couples receive a $100 print credit for ordering awesome, professional prints through their wedding gallery!

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