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jada-jon-scotland-2I'm Mary Cyrus, a wedding and portrait photographer serving Dallas, Texas and beyond. No, I'm not related to Miley (but my husband is). I've been in business since 2010, and was rarely without a camera in hand for nearly a decade before that. My experience also includes working as the Head of Photography for a national retail chain.

When it comes to weddings, my passion and forte is for capturing the real, candid moments of the day, whatever they might be: the best man fumbling the ring, the couple careening out of control on a tandem bicycle, the bouquet toss ricocheting off the ceiling, flowergirls getting down on the dance floor, every little moment that makes the wedding day distinctly yours. While I can and do hustle through family portrait time like nobody's business, capture beautiful, flattering portraits of the couple and the wedding party, and generally direct as needed, my real love is for taking the photos that you never even know were taken until you get your photos back. I'm unobtrusive (or "sneaky", "ninja-like", and "invisible" as some have preferred to call me) for most of the wedding day, letting the day unfold before my camera.

My second favorite thing to do is to capture portraits of people in love, and luckily for everyone involved, all of my wedding packages include a free engagement portrait session! It's important to me that we all get to know each other before I'm your shadow (as unobtrusive as I might be) for an extended period of time on a very important day.

In addition to serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, I've booked weddings in Austin, Houston, east Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Florida, and Scotland. I'm always open to traveling for weddings (additional Scottish castle weddings welcome at any time), and only charge above my usual packages to cover my travel expenses.

Being based in a state that doesn't legally recognize all forms that love takes, it's worth mentioning that if you want me to photograph the celebration of your love, I'm honored, and I'm there. Love is love, and it's always worth documenting.


How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I had my own Offbeat Lite wedding back in 2009, and the Tribe was my little safe planning haven on the web where nothing was "tacky" and being a little (or a lot) different was embraced.
It's always refreshing to work with other couples who buck the trends and traditions that don't make sense for them. We've been married four years and counting, and I still regularly read Offbeat Bride, because there are some creative, quirky, and downright awesome people featured every day on this site.

Working for creative, quirky, awesome people excites me, and makes me flex my own creative muscles. I see beautiful cakes at almost every wedding, but if I walk into the reception and spot your AT-AT Walker cake, you've just become my best friend. If you want to nab the best friend gauntlet from said AT-AT Walker couple, you better bust out a Serenity cake for this little Browncoat. Actually, incorporate whatever you love, get excited about it, and I will excitedly capture your excitement.

"Mary, I cannot believe that those people in the photos are Matt and me. You have somehow worked your magic and created art out of two self-proclaimed awkward ducklings. You made the day run so smoothly and made everyone feel at ease in front of your lens." -Larissa

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Free $100 Print Credit for clients who mention they found me on Offbeat Bride when booking their wedding. Much of the satisfaction I get out of my job is in knowing that I'm creating family heirlooms for my clients; let's print those bad boys!

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