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Hi! I’m Mark and I’m-not-your-mother’s wedding photographer & videographer but I promise she’ll love the photos and highlight film! Honestly, I could give a fuck what you look like as long as you’re super in love, kind, and love to party hard!

A few things that are important to me:

  1. Your wedding day is stress and anxiety free (I know that’s not possible but damn I try)
  2. Your photos and videos are unique and super cool!

In 2013, I started my photography business helping musicians by creating unique photos and videos that they could use. I was blown away when I got to photograph Mandolin Orange, Gregory Alan Isakov and one of The Lumineers! A few years later I got divorced and (ironically) shifted my business to weddings shooting in the style of my musician shoots. The results were magic and I was contacted by the quirkiest, coolest couples to shoot their weddings in the same style!

That’s how Mark Maya Photography was born and why I’m an Offbeat Bride vendor! I’ve captured some beautifully unique weddings and I'd love to shoot yours!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Offbeat Brides are my brides! I’m not your status quo wedding photographer and neither are my couples. Over the years I’ve learned that traditional weddings are no fun and the couples are too stressed so now I cater to the freaks and geeks like me who value their experience and community over some silly obligation or wedding tradition.

My mission is to document your unique wedding day professionally with the highest quality work and at the same time be a great guest at your wedding (I promise to act up on the dance floor though). I focus on documenting the most intimate moments with 90% of my photos and videos being candid and photojournalistic!

I’ve created affordable wedding and elopement packages for photography and videography that won’t break the bank and that actually have what you want in them without the needless add ons plus I’ll help you every step of the way by answering every little question and even creating a custom package if you want!

We’ll meet at a local bar, over video chat, or have a phone call to get to know each other, talk about details, and shoot the shit. If we vibe then you can book me as your wedding photographer and videographer!

I love traveling for weddings so wherever you are I’ll come to you! Whatcha waiting for? Let’s do this!

“He made my wedding day so special! He prioritized me. He is the reason people say hiring a professional wedding photographer is so worth it.” – Audra + Daniel (click here for more reviews)

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