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I’m a portrait photographer trying to make beautiful images of all kinds of people. On your wedding day, that means I'm looking to make images of you–who you really are, right to your core, but dressed up in fancy clothes about to do something important. Your wedding day is a big day, but it's not the only day. I want to capture something special, so that as you move through those days after, you can look back and remember how beautiful it all was.

If I were to sum up my mission, I would say it’s to give people photographs that capture them looking like their best selves. Whether it’s of someone in a wedding dress or a winter hat, I want that person to look at a photo I’ve taken and feel good about it. I don’t want to force anything, I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable. I simply strive to take naturally beautiful images of the people I’m lucky enough to meet.

I'm interested in working with all different kinds of couples, individuals, and families, and I'm totally LGBTQIA-friendly. I love to work with and for my local and queer communities, and the relationships I've built with other queer families and with my neighbors here in Boston have been some of the best byproducts of the work I do. I understand that finding vendors who are open and honest and with whom you’re comfortable is key to you looking your best in photos. Let me take some of the stress off your plate so you can focus on what really matters–your marriage, your family, your day.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

If I’m being honest, I’m a little offbeat myself. If you put any stock in high school superlatives, you might like to know that I was voted both “Most Unique” and “Class Dramatist.” If you don’t put any stock in yearbook superlatives, just know that I’m a tiny bit weird and pretty good at projecting my voice. My background is varied but has always been unified by my desire to view and create art—which really works to my advantage as a wedding photographer. Wedding days are so incredibly beautiful, whether they take the form of a huge party at a fancy hotel or an intimate ceremony in someone’s backyard, and I feel the weight and privilege of that beauty with every wedding I’m lucky enough to work on. What can be less beautiful sometimes is the process of planning those gorgeous gatherings.

I like Offbeat Bride because it showcases weddings that don’t always fit a certain mold, and that’s okay. When I planned my own wedding I found myself often feeling like an Other as I stepped into bridal shops and was asked repeatedly about the groom—a person that did not exist in my plans for a wedding to my beautiful wife. So as I work alongside brides and grooms and other people, I do everything I can to make them feel heard, important, and like whoever they are is exactly right for the event they’re planning. Because it’s true. I think my work speaks for itself, so I’m hopeful this description speaks to the experience of working with me — something that I pride myself on just as much as the portraits I take.

"Michelle's super power is her ability to capture the essence of someone – their passion, drive, and heart – and convey it to the world. I hear often "I LOVE your photos on your website!" and that is because of Michelle's keen eye to details, her professionalism, and intuitive ability to translate my vision into gorgeous photography. I always feel relaxed and powerful during our photo sessions and love every single image she captures."

  • Rachel Estapa, More to Love® (and M. Davidson-Schapiro Photography wedding client!)

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