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Everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams — be it in a castle or bar; on a beach or on the city streets; a marriage between a man and woman or two women or men; of any faith or spirituality (or none!); at a garden celebration with DIY decorations, or blasting rock music and singing karaoke throughout the night in a museum.

Everyone has a vision for their wedding day, and I LOVE when couples decide on a celebration that allows for their unique personalities and ideas to shine through!

Luxe by Lindsay Photography will photograph your wedding day with a style as unique as you are.

I have a passion for love, beauty, art, color, and fun — these are all elements I love to portray in my work.


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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I absolutely love photographing couples on their wedding day! It's such a thrill knowing that I am the one capturing the memory of one of the most special days of a couple's life together.
Although all weddings are special, what I enjoy most is when the couple plans their celebration around who they are as people.

There's just a ton of things to say about offbeat weddings and couples. They tend to be intimate, relaxed and the couple and guests can truly feel the excitement when they are celebrating not only the wedding, but the couple as well.

I myself tend to enjoy a more quirky side of life. I like to be silly, I like to have fun, and I love to share that with people. I am very open minded, both with all types of people and the many eclectic ideas people have for their weddings. I get excited when my clients want to do something other than the norm and when my clients are unique themselves. I want my work to show couples enjoying their wedding celebration, by showcasing their love for each other, their excitement about the day, their unique personalities and everyone having a great time.

Every wedding is different, so many couples may have different photographic needs — especially for offbeat weddings. I will work with couples to create a customized package. I offer several products and services that can be incorporated into your package, or added on at a later time.

"AMAZZZZZING!!!!!! The professionalism that Lindsay and her team had was above and beyond. I loved everything about her. She was so sweet and had some really creative ideas for posing. We had a backyard/ dock wedding and it rained at the very end. She stayed until we got those rain shots! She even brought a clear beautiful umbrella for my husband and me to hold. There's so much more that I can brag about! Everything was beautiful. The editing was phenomenal. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Communication was great! Just everything was great! Couldn't be any more happier! After posting some pics on Social Media, I have already referred 2 prospective clients to her. Lindsay, you're amazing and so talented. Keep doing what you do girl!" – Jessica and John G.

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Mention my listing on Offbeat Bride for a complimentary Engagement or Boudoir Session upon booking your wedding photography with Luxe by Lindsay Photography! Ask for details. (Ask about my referral program, too!)

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