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You bring the love, we bring the sparkle! Lula Mae Special Events is here to plan and coordinate authentic, fabulous, and stress-free events. You almost never get all the people you love in one room; my job is to give you time to enjoy it! I take on all the details so my couples can be present and fully enjoy their wedding day. I offer full planning, partial planning and month-of coordination (among other fun extras!) so there’s an option for every budget and planning style. I’ll keep your renegade ducks in a row through the whole process, from budgeting and vendor wrangling right up through your last dance.

And sure, I’m a logistical badass who’ll keep you on time and make sure your napkin folds are on point, but I’m also here for the feels! As much as all my weddings are killer parties, they’re also a rite of passage for my clients, and I try to make space for the gravity of that within the whirlwind of wedding planning. I have basically zero chill, so I’m always SUPER excited about helping my clients tell their own love story; it’s a privilege and one of the best parts of my job.

I founded Lula Mae in part so I could start working with people whose Venn Diagram of identities/interests overlaps my own. Hello, offbeat couples! This business is mostly me, my brain, and my hands, so let me tell you a little about myself. My side of the equation is something like: queer, business owner, nerd, cis-lady, working mama, sartorial adventurer, logistical badass, glitter-lover, member of the resistance, maker, cat person who loves doggos, dry-witted extrovert, Slytherin and mostly harmless oddball. Drop me a line — I can’t wait to hear more about you!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Offbeat couples are my people! I've been reading Offbeat Bride since way back when I was planning my own wedding, i.e. when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Seeing so many real weddings with couples expressing their truest, weirdest selves made me braver as a bride, and in a lot of ways informed how I run my business now. At its most basic, my job is helping awesome people get hitched in whatever kooky way works best for them.

Over the past seven years I’ve helped celebrate weddings in vintage amusement parks, historic markets and 19th century ruins; for swing dancers, authors and band teachers; featuring drag queens, balloon drops and a whole bunch of assorted nerdery – I’m talking dragons, political wonks, sing-alongs, Harry Potter, swords, home-brewing, many-sided die, etc. I wear a lot of hats at weddings: I’m a cheerleader, a problem solver and a late-night pinata holder.

I’m your girl for 300 person dance-fests and 50 guest trivia brunches. If it needs to get done, I do it, that way my clients can celebrate stress-free. (Well, mostly stress-free, there's not much I can do about your mother in law asking when she's gonna get grandkids already.)

"We LOVED working with Meigh — she was amazing and I can't recommend her highly enough!! In the lead up to the wedding, Meigh did an amazing job helping us think through the details and checking in to make sure that we were on track. She truly was the MVP of our event, and was such a calming presence throughout the entire process. Meigh had a total can do attitude even for some of our stranger requests and was genuinely excited to help us bring our vision to reality." – Kelly

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