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Imagine waking up on your 1st, 5th, 10th anniversary — or any other special day of your choosing — and having the opportunity to experience your wedding all over again. Much more than the pictures taken by your photographer and much more than the few things you threw into a box in your post-wedding bliss.

love + laughter + communityInstead, how about a digital wedding time capsule full of pictures, videos, personal notes, and more. A digital wedding time capsule containing the love and laughter from the fun leading up to your wedding, and all the beauty and joy of the big day itself. A digital wedding time capsule that was created by you and your community, giving you a 360-degree view of your wedding celebration that only your friends and family can provide.

This is love + laughter + community. A modern and easy way for you to safely and securely store your wedding memories in a single place and for the long-term. Having celebrated with over 1000 couples in their weddings, and having not done a good job of saving our own wedding memories, we created love + laughter + community because we know how valuable your once-in-a-lifetime wedding memories will be to you.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

love + laughter + community is for couples who want to remember their wedding in a more genuine and meaningful way. Yes, the pictures from the photographer will be beautiful, and yes, the video from the videographer will include many special moments. Yet, most of your friends and family have a decent camera in their pocket and love to use it. The spontaneous and special moments that they capture, from so many different perspectives, will allow you to truly relive your wedding in a much more personal, genuine, and meaningful way.

And since your community can upload directly into your time capsule, you know there will be some fun and beautiful surprises for you when you open your capsule. Maybe a group of your closest friends got together to sing for you, or maybe someone interviewed your grandmother. The main point of a wedding is not just to celebrate you getting married, it is you getting married with your friends and family there to celebrate with you.

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Each time capsule is kept private, for the couple's eyes only. The beauty and love of your wedding is kept safe and secure for that special day when you get to open your capsule, and relive all your precious wedding memories!

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