Bridal veils & wedding accessories by A Little Over the Top

From bridal veils, crowns & wreaths to vintage-inspired shoe clips, Boise-based shop A Little Over the Top has it all, and all of it is gorgeous!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

My company is called A Little Over the Top because frankly, I like things that most people consider "over the top". I have always enjoyed making things, decorating, and bringing beauty to everyday life. All my pieces are made with utmost attention to detail and quality. All my items are inspired by something specific that has touched me, be it nature or a veil I see in a vintage magazine. I believe that all women should have something to wear that makes them feel beautiful and adds a touch of femininity. I put my heart into every item that I design. I hope you feel that the final results are adornments that are as beautiful, natural, and unique as you.

Examples of my work


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