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Little Bird - Diamond & Engagement Ring Expertise as seen on @offbeatbride

Meet Danielle: Little Bird Engagement Ring Consultant, diamond hunter and jewelry design expert.

Looking for the ideal engagement rings or wedding bands? When you hire Little Bird you are working with an industry insider who is an experienced engagement ring coach. We learn about you, your goals, your timeline, and your vision. We help you identify your preferences, guide you through key decisions. You get comprehensive education on the details that are relevant to your ring search – saving you hours of research time. We leverage our industry savvy and connections to direct you to the best jeweler to fulfill your vision for your ring, and we provide support throughout the purchasing or custom design process. Packages range from $75-$600.

  • Custom design the perfect ring from start to finish,
  • Select the best materials to match your lifestyle, ring setting, and budget,
  • Increase center diamond size and quality while staying within your price range,
  • Find the perfect ring within a tight timeframe,
  • Save hours of research & shopping time,
  • Save $500-$5000 on your engagement ring purchase,
  • Gain access to our network of awesome and unique designers,
  • And avoid the common pitfalls!

You hire an Engagement Ring Consultant for the same reason you hire someone to do your taxes or help you buy a house. It’s complicated, it’s nuanced, and you don’t want to make an expensive mistake. And also because Danielle is rad.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We love your weirdness!! Little Bird Engagement Ring Consultants take the stress out of the process by getting to know YOU. We help you translate what you know about your offbeat style into straightforward design elements and match you up with the perfect jeweler or designer. We are GIA certified diamond grading experts so we can help you understand what is worth paying for and what is hype. We also relish in helping you find the perfect alternative gemstone. We'll give you our unfiltered, honest opinion because we are totally independent. Bring us your most, offbeat ideas and we will make your rings come true.

Seriously, nothing is too weird. We once designed a ring based on a someone’s power animal.

“My ring is a dream come true! It was like Darren had my best friend right there with him during the design process. I couldn't have done better even if I did it myself! I loved the engagement ring so much that we consulted them when it came time to purchase our wedding bands as well!”
Brenna Kenworthy, San Francisco, CA

Hack the wedding and engagement ring process with a free + personalized LITTLE BIRD consultation just for Offbeat Brides.

This is a complimentary consultation tailored to Offbeat Brides who are in search of the perfect engagement ring, wedding ring, wedding band, or bridal jewelry. It’s very wise time investment as you search for your ideal engagement ring. Let’s hop on the phone, find out where you are in the process, and get you headed in the right direction. Fill out this form and we will schedule your complimentary Offbeat Bride consultation.

Examples of my work

Check out this gallery of custom rings that Little Bird Engagement Ring Consultants have helped bring to fruition. These stories are meant to help folks at the beginning of the process gain insight into how a unique engagement ring is designed and created. Through personalized diamond and gem selection, metal choice, and lots of innovative custom design work, these beauties made their way onto some very happy hands.


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