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Your wedding should be a special time that is all about you, a beautiful celebration of your love for that special person in your life… a celebration of the commitment you are making to one another.

I want to help you make this day unique and wonderful! As a Professional Wedding Officiant and ordained Interfaith Minister, I will happily officiate at weddings for Christian couples, non-Christian couples, Pagan couples, Humanist couples, same-sex couples, or any combination of the above.

Although my base of operations is in Northwest Georgia, I am happy to provide officiant services to couples anywhere in Georgia, and in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee.

If you have a specific order of service in mind, I can work with that, or I will develop a service or ritual for your special event. Remember, this is YOUR day, not mine, and my focus is on how you wish to express your love for each other, and how you wish to remember the day.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I love helping all couples, but especially those who want to step outside the mainstream and have a wedding that expresses their individuality in a way that wows everyone there, leaving them with memories of a truly unique experience.

Christian, non-Christian, Interfaith, Humanist, Pagan — as an Interfaith Minister, I am happy to perform any of these ceremonies, or blends of them. I don't mind dressing in casual clothing, in Druid robes, clerical shirt and collar, clerical robes, or even a suit and tie. Want a specially costumed ceremony? I'll do my best to accommodate you!

Straight? Happy to help!
LGBTQ? No sweat!
Pansexual or Asexual? Let's do it!

There are many rituals or elements that can be added to your wedding ceremony. Handfastings, sand blending, wine sharing, a wine box, unity candles… don't think you are locked into a traditional ceremony. We can work together to create the unique experience you two want!

I am an initiated Druid priest, a trained and initiated shamanic practitioner, and an ordained Unitarian and Progressive Christian Alliance minister.

"He delivered exactly what we were wanting for our small ceremony. He graciously worked around our hectic schedule and was able to come through for us. I could not have asked for someone better." – Sarah & Brandon Green

Examples of my work

My first Druid wedding was in 2014, for a young couple who wanted to tie the wedding to the groom's Celtic heritage. The bride is very much into horses. So, the ceremony was Druidic, but the male members of the wedding party were in jeans, vests, and cowboy boots. The father of the bride (actually an Asatran) created a beautiful wedding canopy with a large triquetra embedded in the floor, as well as an altar table with a triquetra on the front. Most of the groom's family was Catholic, yet they complimented me on the unique nature and beauty of the ceremony.

I have done Interfaith weddings for a Muslim and Methodist, a Jewish and an Episcopalian, a Catholic and a Wiccan, a Buddhist and a Baptist… and hope to do even more eclectic and mixed weddings.

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