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If you are getting married in New England, value your experience more than your ring, and want to have an authentic celebration, I can’t wait to meet you! I’m Leslie Swan, the Maine Coast Love Photographer. I am partial to Maine, but shoot weddings all over New England. I love photographing by the sea and adventuring in the forest. Wild, nature filled elopements and weddings are my favorite!

I strive to capture your day in an authentic way. I want you to look back at your photographs and remember the mood and feeling of the day. I want you to smile at the little moments of joy, as well as the big. My goal is for you to feel natural and comfortable while I take portraits that embody your connection, and for the rest of the day I want you to forget I’m there.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I myself was an Offbeat Bride! My wedding day started with a community yoga class, my friend played the accordion as I walked down the forested aisle with both of my parents, and I wore a vintage black dress. I totally understand wanting to do your wedding your way! I embrace the unique desires of each couple. Everyone has a right to be who they are. Come one, come all! I especially love adventurers, unusual wedding/elopement locations, sustainable celebrations, and care free attitudes.

"On the day of our wedding, Leslie was an unobtrusive, kind presence every minute of the time she was present at our wedding. She even made me laugh when I was super stressed about getting ready in time. Leslie went out of her way to get the best shot, whether that meant sprinting from one end of the venue to the other or moving a stump to stand on for the best angle; she was truly a ninja in an elegant pantsuit. For our portraits, she just encouraged us to be ourselves and made the process very easy. We are so pleased with how all our pictures look. We had a pretty unusual interfaith ceremony and Leslie was very alert to all the important moments and captured them beautifully." – Maya

"Leslie is an amazing photographer, you can tell just by checking out her website. However, Leslie is also an amazing person. She is friendly and helped us to feel comfortable in front of the camera, even though I was very anxious about the prospect of being the center of attention. She spent a good long time on the phone with me to make sure that she was a good fit for our needs before we signed a contract which I very much appreciated. She was so very easy to work with — we met her for engagement photos (I definitely recommend them — they're stunning and she produced so many more photos than we expected) and liked her right away. She is incredibly professional and got shots that must have had her standing very near to us but we never felt intruded upon. She checked in with us during the day to make sure she caught the special moments but also did her thing, preserving joyful moments without overly staging the process." – Liz

"We had a very unconventional wedding (secret elopement in Maine). Leslie's energy and creativity provided us with the most beautiful pictures that we could ever dream of and we'll treasure them forever. Even though we didn't do traditional wedding stuff, she captured the spirit of our day perfectly. She was energetic, fun, spontaneous and so obviously creative. Leslie was able to show up at locations she had never worked in before and find just the right light and location for spectacular photos. Booking her was the most important part of our wedding and was the best decision that we made. The images we received from her surpassed our expectations." – Ben

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