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Leise Jones Photography

I specialize in creating authentic photographs for LGBTQ+ couples and allies who feel frustrated with traditional wedding-related expectations, and who care more about having a fun wedding than they care about having a perfect wedding. My approach is collaborative, personalized, and centered around helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you can truly be yourself.

I create wedding photographs to help you remember how the whole experience felt, not only what it looked like. My experience-centered approach is based on my strong belief that the most important part of your wedding day is the time spent with family and friends, not the objects or flowers or centerpieces or shoes. I invest time in getting to know you, through in-person meetings and a Get to Know You Portrait Session, so that I understand what your relationship is like, who your families are, what your vision is for your day, and what kinds of pictures you hope to have. My approach is as a storyteller; I spend my time catching the hugs, laughter, and tears as they happen. I offer suggestions but I don’t dictate the photos we make. I see everything that is happening and document it beautifully, while helping you stay focused on experiencing your wedding day. I tell couples to "Just be yourself," and that I'll do the rest.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Offbeat Bride is one of the beacons of REAL in a wedding industry that tells couples they need to be rich, white, skinny, young, or straight (or all of those) in order to have the perfect wedding. If you're part of an Offbeat couple, that tells me that you are rejecting the hype dished out by the wedding industry and planning a wedding that is inclusive, unique, and authentic. If you're part of an Offbeat couple, that tells me that you're brave enough to look at the long history of weddings and include only the traditions and ceremonies that feel right to you.

If you're part of an Offbeat couple, that tells me that you care about how your wedding day feels, not simply how it looks. I want to work with you if you want a wedding day that is all about love, having fun, and celebrating the magic that happens when two lives come together.

"Leise is amazing! She captured real wedding moments in such a beautiful way. She was such a pleasure to work with and made us feel comfortable every step of the process from the getting to know you session through our wedding day." – Maggie Mirch, wedding May 2018

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Examples of my work

One of my favorite stories: I don’t actually recall how Jenny and Amanda first met, but I know that when you’re around them, it feels like they’ve known each other forever. They chose to have an intimate wedding ceremony with only their immediate family members and their two cherished dogs at one of their favorite spots: the horse farm where they spend every Saturday (Jenny is a horse owner and an accomplished equestrienne.) Amanda’s mother, an ordained minister, officiated the ceremony which was punctuated throughout with tears of joy and rolling laughter. (I think even I cried.) Later that day, we met up with all of their friends for a dinner and dance party reception at a local hotspot. They read their vows aloud to the crowd – and again cued the tears and laughter — and then listened to some truly incredible toasts from their closest friends.

What they’ll most remember: Everyone wore muck boots to the ceremony (it was on a horse farm, after all).

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