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Psssst…hey you. Over here. CONGRATULATIONS! Guess what? You can safely STOP looking for your wedding photographer now because I’ve emphatically got you. I, Todd Laffler, hereby personally vow to kick your wedding's ass!!! Simply put, I pour 110% of my heart and soul into every wedding I photograph. Sound like a bunch of hooey? Alright, I’ll prove it to you. Go let your eyeballs see what I’m talking about and then hit me up and we can kick your wedding’s ass together! I got you. Laffler Photography: uoy ekil…tnereffid.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I’m a wedding photographer damnit, not a caterer. 🙂 Alright, for real though, I don’t think I cater specifically to Offbeat Brides, I cater to EVERYONE! As long as you two are crazily in love and ready to put your party pants on, I’m good to go! Now let’s do this.

"Picking a photographer for our wedding was not easy. I think we interviewed about seven different photographers. And it was a lot of the same old boring wedding pics. Then I saw Todd's stuff. It was the first time I felt that a photographer was actually capturing the spirit and energy of the wedding. His pictures were FUN! And isn't that what a wedding is supposed to be?

So we traveled almost 2 hours from where we live to meet with Todd in New Jersey. And he was so chill. And relaxed. And easy going. A nice change of pace from the madness of this wedding world. It was a no brainer. Our guests were calling Todd the ninja, because he was literally effortless and yet everywhere, but you hardly noticed him at the same time.

Todd leaked 20 photos from our wedding on Facebook a few days after our big day, and all our guests were blown away. My cousin said to me, "Whatever you paid your photographer, double it." Others told us that they were the best wedding pictures they'd ever seen. We received our full gallery a month after the wedding, which was crazy fast. Thank you Todd, we couldn't be happier!!" – James and Shannon

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