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Krista Welch Creative

I'm Krista: a music lover, traveler, and unabashed cat mom. I jumped ship from my corporate design job in 2010 to pursue wedding photography and have joyfully photographed well over 100 weddings of all sizes and styles since. I feel truly honored to do the work that my clients invite me to do. Read more about me here.

I believe:

  • Great photos capture how you're feeling (emotion) and who you are (essence); not just what you look like. Let's be real: we know you look fierce mmmkayyy!
  • Weddings are a transition, just like giving birth or graduating high school, and it's normal to feel both joy and sorrow, positive and negative emotions when you're going through the planning process. Weddings bring out the good and bad in all of us, so patience and a great sense of humor are crucial!
  • Everyone has a little bridezilla in 'em, and for good reason. Read more about what I mean by this right here.
  • Your photos are representative of your legacy of love long after you're gone. Beautiful photos can be an irreplaceable keepsake for everyone you love and who loves you, too.

As a lifelong participant in the arts, I appreciate not only the visual beauty of a wedding day, but also the deeper emotional story that plays out from beginning to end. I'm fascinated by the arc of a wedding day: how everyone deals with their jitters, how those nerves go away as soon as a couple sees each other for the first time that day, and how each group of loved ones processes the marriage transition. A wedding is the genesis of a new family. And I think that's a pretty cool thing to be a part of.

I do not take it for granted, this frequent witnessing of families forming. I'd be delighted to help tell your story!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I think all of us are offbeat in one way or another! And we should be proud of that offbeat-ness!

In all areas of my life, I strive to make space for folks to feel at ease, heard, and respected. The world is a better place when we celebrate diversity!

I’m an introvert who prides myself on being a good listener and a calming presence as much as possible… being photographed can be intimidating, so let’s work through it together.

"We couldn't have asked for a better photographer! It's fair to say that Krista was our wedding spirit animal. She was able to document the most special day of our lives in the most real, beautiful and also magical way… She was also our backbone throughout the day." -Celine + Alex

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