KIPKALINKA: Searching for the immortality of the soul
My name is Christine and I am a professional goldsmith from Leipzig, Germany. From an early age there were three constants in my life: the urge to create, my love for details, and a profound interest in the supernatural.

Of all techniques and materials I have worked with, stone and metal fascinate me the most. I have always wanted my ideas to become immortal within resistant materials. The skull, as a symbol of memento mori, complements the temporal dimension of my work.

Our time on earth is measured and precious. We can only try to escape mortality. Thus, I believe in creating items of value – they allow us to exist longer than our earthly lifetime. My work lives on in a connection you confirm by giving a beloved one a ring I made for you.

I am convinced that we have to look closer and dig deep below the surface to truly realize and recognize each other, ourselves, and the world. This drives me to use so much care in the details of my jewelry.

Each piece has a name and a story, since I want to create items of value and meaning. My skull engagement rings are named in honour of a goddess or mythical woman to make us remember and for them to be remembered.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

What I do, I do with my own hands and every single piece takes time. There is no computer-aided design or wax plotting involved in any part of my manufacturing process. My assets are sharp vision, patience, and deftness, paired with more than 10 years of experience as a professional goldsmith.

For a new model I usually make a prototype from scratch in metal. Which means carving skulls, bending and shaping the band, making the setting, and thousand other little steps. Depending on the complexity of the design, the whole procedure can take up to 50 hours of work. All precious metal I use is sustainably recycled from old jewelry to keep resources in the ground.

I prefer to work with natural gemstones as I love them for their ability to interconnect the earth and the sky, the darkness and the light. What stems from the darkest depths is only ignited to its full capacity of color and shine when shaped by a master’s hand and met by the light from above.

If you are looking for a subtle way of expressing your love, an elegant talisman that holds all the mysteries of our lives and inspires the seeker in your heart, then you might find I already thought of you before you came here.

"There are no words to describe how much I love my new rings. The details are phenomenal and I am so happy I was finally able to get the wedding set I've been dreaming about." -Mishele

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