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Kindred Events

Kindred Events is a full service event planning and design company that specializes in creating unique, totally rad weddings with heart. I will ensure that you can enjoy your special day stress-free while I take care of the details and make sure the awesomeness is off the charts. You deserve it!

I'm LGBTQ-friendly, glitter-friendly, and am generally adoring of everyone's fabulous individuality. My price points are varied in order to fit a range of budgets, and I am a DIY enthusiast who can make even a small budget wedding look stunning.

Kindred Events is the manifestation of my love of not only event planning and design, but community and giving back to people- It's an opportunity for me to use my logistical and artistic skills to contribute something to others, to bring joy and meaning to the world around us. It's about making magic!

As part of what I feel is my responsibility to give back to the community, I also donate part of my proceeds to helping out local non-profits.

Here's a short summary of my professional cred. (The "Why you should hire me" bit!):

  • I have years of hands-on experience planning, managing and designing events from the ground up, including events held in several different countries.
  • I grew-up in art school and have a degree in Design. I've since worked in film, professional theaters, and the corporate design world.
  • I am currently completing my formal certification in Wedding Planning through the New York Institute of Art and Design. (Estimated completion: July 2017)
  • I've studied many crafting and DIY skills and wrote a biweekly DIY column for a local magazine.

Other random tidbits about me: I love cats, thrift store shopping, hiking in this incredibly beautiful place we call home, reading, geeky things, collecting vintage d├ęcor, and enjoying life. And spreadsheets. I seriously love spreadsheets.

Weddings can be stressful, and trying to do it all on your own can feel SO overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! Hiring a wedding planner is the first step to getting it all under control and making sure its just as amazing as you dreamed it could be. Drop me a line and lets chat about the details!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Firstly, I click with Offbeat folks because I've been an Offbeat Bride myself! I totally admit that for my wedding I tried to do all the planning, designing and coordination on my own like a DIY superhero. I quickly wished there were two of me, especially since there were things I didn't anticipate along the way, I bit-off way more DIY than I could chew, and on my big day I realized being a bride and coordinator at the same time really didn't work well. So now I happily offer my time so I can be that extra person for other people. I know the ropes, I'm a whiz with a glue gun, and I will make sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible so you can just enjoy the day!

If you're planning on making wedding crafts, I can also help you figure out your plan of attack and budget for these things. I have lots of experience making things myself and can tell you if a project will be more expensive than just buying the same thing on Etsy. Additionally, I can give time estimates for completing projects so you can stay on track and not be overwhelmed at the end!

I'm excited to work with all sorts of unique, fun people that want to make their wedding their own. Goths, hippies, vintage decor-lovers, slightly non-traditional folks, woodland faeries, nerds of all kinds, let's make magic!

Also, I have OG geek cred from designing Halloween costumes and accessories for Disney, Marvel and Pixar, to name a few. I really miss being knee-deep in fandoms. So GEEKS, COME AT ME, WE WILL MAKE LIGHTSABER BOUQUETS AND TARDIS ARCHWAYS AND IT WILL BE AWESOME.

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to chat and figure out how I can help you create a wedding that is as supercalafragalistic as you are.

"Drea made our wedding freaking awesome. If I could give 6 stars this is me trying to do that. Everything came together and went off without a hitch. It was an incredible and awesome experience for everyone. Drea was extremely organized and detail oriented without making the whole thing a fuss for us at all. She helped out beyond her required scope multiple times and really cared about how everyone was feeling during the entire process. We were really nervous about a lot of different details and it was basically effortless to bring those concerns up and resolve them. Can't really convey much more how great it was but we sincerely had the most awesome time, super unique and personalized wedding experience, would highly recommend this lady to anyone looking to plan their wedding day (or any event for that matter to be honest). Love you and thank you SO much :)" -Annie C., bride

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