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Katherine Elyse Photography

Most of my clients get in touch for the photos and end up becoming my besties. No one leaves my studio anything less than a true friend. From the minute you become a KEP couple you’ll be bombarded with love, excitement, and cute photos of my fur baby every now and again. 😉

I became a wedding photographer because I love the joy and elation of weddings. I’ve always been a romantic at heart and I honestly enjoy being around awesome people in love. There’s something about capturing people’s most intimate moments that fills me with pure happiness!

I’ve being shooting for over 10 years which means there’s no such thing as stress when you’re with me. My experience in the field lends to a well-organized yet super relaxed environment. I’m all about having fun, keeping the vibe lighthearted, and getting authentic photos that tell the true story of your relationship.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Everyone has a story and I feel like my job is to capture the essence of yours. I love getting together over a glass of wine to chat about your vision. My goal is to build a close connection with you from the minute you walk through my door so we’re ready to create some serious magic when your wedding arrives.

Experimenting with lighting, exploring new locations, and allowing you the space to be uniquely you in front of the camera always results in awesome photos that you’ll be stoked to share with family and friends. In addition, I offer tons of unique printing and album options, so your wedding photos don’t get stuck in the cloud never to be printed. I strive to make every second you spend with me a joyful occurrence that leaves you feeling thrilled about your wedding photography experience!

“Our pictures turned out exquisite, because Kate puts just as much love into the end product as she did throughout the whole experience with us. We now have a new, incredibly talented, lifelong friend, and I'm just so happy that I happened to scroll past her photos on Instagram.” – Meghan K.

“Kate fit in like family and we loved having her charm, focus, happiness, professionalism, and fun around us at all times! She made every photo feel like a blessing and often reminded us to enjoy the moment.” – Andrew H.

“Kate is also super cool and so much fun which makes planning and execution so much easier. She got along with all the guests, found the couples to photograph together, and made for a set of photos that didn't feel like your typical stuffy affair.” – Clayton T.

I’m so pumped you found me on Offbeat Bride! Book now and get a FREE Guestbook Album with any Engagement Package!

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