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Julie Jakolat, DJ

Music shapes the most important times in our lives.

Your event should be exactly the way you imagine it.

When you hire me to DJ your event, I want to get to know a little about you. Do you really like jazz? Do you truly hate hard rock? Do you have a secret love for Tom Jones? Do you want to dance your pants off, or relax and catch up with friends and family? Does Uncle Mortimer expect to be able to dance a polka with Aunt Florence? Do you want to never, EVER hear another song by Pitbull?

At your wedding, I tailor the music you hear to create the ideal experience for you and your guests.

I don’t have an agenda when it comes to music for your event. If your fiancé can’t abide Uptown Funk, I won’t play it. But if it’s the one song guaranteed to make both families get up and dance, you’ll definitely hear it.

My goal is to make you and your guests as happy as possible. That’s why I spend time with you – in person and through email – getting to know your likes and dislikes.

I spend a lot of time before your event making sure that you’ll hear the right mix of music.


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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

You know the typical DJ … Flashy lights … plastic party favors … They interrupt the songs they’re playing with talking and yelling, and you’re guaranteed to hear the Chicken Dance, the Macarena, and We Are Family before the evening is out.

That’s not me. That’s not what I do.

I WILL play songs that will make you happy. I play them all the way through, start to finish, with no interruptions.

I do not hand out plastic party favors. (I’m a DJ, not a dollar store.)

I will take the time to get to know your musical preferences.

I will provide you with an evening full of exciting music that will keep the crowd going and I will play music from whatever styles you want – Rock, 80’s, Latin, Jazz, Oldies, and/or what’s hot today.

I do not make assumptions about what “should” or “must” be played at an event. If you tell me you want to hear it, I’ll do everything in my power to play it for you. Likewise, if you absolutely loathe a particular song or musical style, it will not show up in the evening’s playlist.

I know the difference between dinnertime and a dance party. All too often, DJs play music far too loudly, which isn’t pleasant for anyone. There’s a time when we can crank it up and party like crazy, and there’s also a time when it’s better to be quiet. I want to start a rockin’ party, but I don’t want to annoy your grandmother.

"Julie is an amazing DJ. She is energetic, fun, and flexible (we had a time crunch). She played to the entire crowd and spent time with the guests. Everyone had a blast! All of our guests were commenting on the great music and she got everyone dancing!" – Alyson 5/14/2106

Examples of my work

"Julie is amazing. My wife and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Since our wedding, our guests–young and old–keep saying to us: 'That DJ was amazing!'"

"Julie is extremely knowledgeable about music and how to make the party flow smoothly: how to get people dancing, how to transition to dinner, and how to get people back on the dance floor."

"Julie expertly led us through the music planning process. She offered sage advice and took our direction. More than giving Julie a "Play/Do Not Play" list, we (by choice) explained our vision and depended on Julie to translate our vision into music. What we crudely sketched out, Julie painted into a masterpiece."

A few other great things:
1. Julie circulated during the cocktail hour asking our guests for requests. Guests loved this and have commented on it repeatedly. Julie edited the requests accordingly.
2. Julie was responsive to who was on the dance floor (older guests, guests in their 20s and 30s, guests under 20) and played the music they wanted to hear and dance to. And was able to bridge the gap between the ages.
3. Julie edited our ideas (which we asked her to do). She saved us from ourselves. She made us look good.
4. Julie looked excited to be at the reception, sometimes dancing behind her setup. Guests saw this and it made them more excited to be there, more willing to dance. This may seem like a small thing, but it was hugely important in creating the atmosphere.
5. We had an untraditional wedding: a costume party on Halloween. During dinner, Julie played a set of songs that corresponded to our guests' costumes (Sgt. Pepper's for the Beatles, Theme from Rocky for Rocky and Adrian, Gilligan's Island for the Gilligan's Island crew). This lead to one of my favorite parts: people spontaneously dancing to their song, and the crowd alternatively cheering them or joining in. Julie made that random, wonderful part of our wedding happen.
– Tim 10/31/15 wedding