Joy Anthology is an innovative, mobile-friendly, web-based platform, offering a unique replacement for traditional wedding guestbooks. Guests are invited to participate by simply following a link and uploading a selfie—there’s nothing to download and it’s free for guests to participate.

The 16×20 inch gallery-quality canvas is customizable with pre-selected designer color palettes to complement the newlyweds’ home decor. Holleen Lawrence and Becca Hodges, founders of Joy Anthology, are a business-savvy mother-daughter duo. As professional photographers, they came to realize something was amiss with the often loathed traditional wedding guestbook experience.

“A guestbook typically gets tucked away in a box—along with memories of the day—never to be heard from again,” says Lawrence. “We’ve created an idea that’s changing the way wedding guests are commemorated in the hearts (and homes) of the modern wedding couple.”

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Here’s the low-down on how Joy Anthology works:

Step 1: The wedding couple creates an account with Joy Anthology, gaining them access to the online customization tool for their canvas and guest experience portal.

Step 2: In this step, the purchase is completed for $225 + tax. Once the details of the account are confirmed, a textable code will be generated for sharing with and engaging guests.

Step 3: From their mobile device, guests are invited to upload a photo to be included in the Joy Anthology guestbook canvas.

Pro Tip: Joy Anthology makes a very thoughtful bridal shower gift!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Joy Anthology captures the essence of the modern couple through the production of a one-of-a-kind, unique wedding keepsake. Our platform not only engages guests but brings the wedding guestbook to life.

While our product isn’t for every couple, it’s reserved for those who are forward-thinking, on-trend, eager to make joyful moments, and presence, count.

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Examples of my work

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