Jezebel's Fascination

Jezebel’s Fascination has been designing and creating fascinators for nearly ten years and has made them available to the public for about four years. Costuming, fantasy, culture, and hat-wearing have always been a huge passion. The hindrance of a small head required a look elsewhere for hats leading to fun and quirky fascinator-type cocktail hats which simply started with making one to match every new ensemble then got thrown into the pile of all the other costume headdresses made along the way.

After the worldwide sales took off, the new creations haven’t stopped, forcing the business and imagination to constantly grow whether it be by learning how to work with and master new materials, being inspired by the potential of a seemingly worthless item, obscure requests from quirky customers, or stumbling upon new exciting historical or cultural fashion research. Remember, you can never be overdressed or over educated!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

From the simple to the elaborate, Jezebel’s Fascination wants to help your wedding dreams come true! Your creation can start with a traditional look or be as themed as you wish. Research is one of my most favorite parts of learning the meaning behind a specific design, so rest assured your piece will be as accurate to your personal vision as possible.

The fun does not stop there! You are not simply limited to an amazing wedding headpiece; you can even make your potential engagement party, wedding shower, and bachelorette party just as fun with a headpiece for these and similar events. Don’t forget about your bride’s maids and mothers! Even they can wear a simple fascinator for the big day — think floral fascinators to match the wedding flowers.

Let’s not forget about your partner or masculine brides; while Jezebel’s Fascination started with only feminine headpieces, recent requests for themed masculine hats adorned with matching materials have brought the line of products to a whole new level. So, let’s have fun and make lots of terrific memories together!

"Everything about this transaction was AMAZING. Ordered a custom wedding headpiece and mailed her my veil to incorporate it into the piece. This is so epic and beautiful and the ordering and creative process is stellar. I am so happy and can’t wait to stun my guests with this piece." – Laura Jean Hyde

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