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Seattle photographer Jenny Jimenez for Offbeat Bride

I believe in self-expression, love and laughing your ass off. I look for the humor in life as well as the beauty. Starting out over ten years ago as a music photojournalist, I photographed promotional portraits and live shows for Seattle venues, labels and local alternative weekly papers The Stranger and Seattle Weekly. At one point I put down the camera and picked up the bass, playing in a few bands. Turns out I’m much better with the camera!

Everything clicked after shooting my first wedding. The pace, emotion and unpredictability was similar to a rock show, yet my gear was free of sweat and spit and I came home with (slightly) fewer bruises. The couples were my rock stars.

Today I continue to document events, families, musicians and editorial assignments. My work has been published in Spin, The Seattle Times, Paste, Nylon, Magnet, PDN, Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom and blah blah blah. (Oh yeah, and I was first featured on Offbeat Bride way back in 2007.)

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I've been lucky to work with a lot of creative people. The Pacific Northwest breeds a lot of free-thinkers and I love that the weddings tend to naturally have their own unique spin on things. My experience shooting music and nightlife has prepared me for a variety of situations, lighting or people-wise — and with weddings you really have to be ready for anything. I'll boogie down on the dance floor with you or lay belly down on the ground during portraits if that's what it takes to get the best action or angle.

I cover what's unique about and important to you and give you space to be yourselves. Always fun, never forced. And all lifestyles welcome and doted upon!

"You don't feel like someone took a picture of you when Jenny is behind the camera… you feel like someone has caught the spirit of what is actually happening in that exact moment. She's amazing at her craft and we would recommend her to anyone!" –Emily & Shawna

Examples of my work

While of course you can see tons of my work on my own website, I've also had several weddings featured on Offbeat Bride:


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