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Jenny GG Photography

Hi. I’m Jenny.

My approach to photography is open, light, and rarely posed, resulting in images that are genuine. My biggest emphasis is on capturing the fun and emotion of your wedding day. The joy and excitement of a wedding is visceral and my biggest hope is that you relive those feelings when you look at your photos.

2020 marks my 12th year of photographing weddings (and 11 years on Offbeat Bride!)… Queer, straight, poly, trans, lego, religious, pagan, magic the gathering, cats, star wars, dogs, harry potter, burlesque, D&D, PI day, and the list goes on. I’ve seen a lot, but there is so much more to see.

But for real. I don’t suck. Did we just become best friends? Let’s go take some killer photos.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Your photos are not about me or my "art." Your life is art and I think my job is to show your awesomeness. You've been working hard to create a wedding day that expresses your individuality and who you are as a couple. You want something out of the ordinary, something unforgettable — I get it and totally dig that "offbeat" person. I want to take the photographs that will tell the story that you both will treasure forever.

"Your photography portfolio is what got me interested. Your personality sold me. You're easy to talk to, you can tell you listen about what we wanted, made us comfortable, made us laugh, and made it all about us."
Ana Parke

Mention this ad when booking your wedding day with Jenny and receive a complimentary custom e-session guest book or Thank You/parent album!

Examples of my work

  • Caleb and Molly — molly and caleb’s wedding day was an event to celebrate two people in love. it was also gender fluid, poly, non binary, gay, lesbian, queer, transfeminine and every color of the rainbow. twice.
  • Chris and Ryan — chris and ryan were all things kitty! their wedding day was a super fun, balloon ‘bouquet’ walking, dragon watching, dungeon sleeping, bbq eating, karaoke singing extravaganza, with a touch of the macabre and lots of donuts. the entire day was totally them and totally purrfect….
  • Amanda and Lee — when a dragon who married her knight in shining white… this couple wins an ‘off beat’ award for sure! their day was inspired by their love of the game ‘magic’ with lots of dramatic flair…

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