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Jenn Spain Photography

I am all about weddings, creative portraits and a different hair color every week! Moody and vibrant, my imagery is perfect for the wild-hearted who want their photos peppered with pops of color and seasoned with soul.

Behind the lens I am cool, collected and incredibly organized.

But I have adventure in my bones and I’ll follow my couples anywhere. Want to set off smoke bombs, jump in a lake and dance in a graveyard with your beloved? I’ll bring the camera.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I love humans that march to the beat of their own trombone. My couples are colorful, creative and as passionate about life as I am. I am open and accepting of all beliefs and lifestyles, especially the ones involving awesome tattoos.

"Jenn Spain is A M A Z I N G. Her vibe and attitude is so down-to-earth, so genuine, so not pretentious that I immediately felt SUPER comfortable with her. Not to mention that she is clearly extremely talented at capturing the truth of even the subtlest of moments. She guided us through our sessions making sure to create a space where my best self would come out. I would highly highly recommend her!!"
– Carolyn Ratteray

Did I mention I LOVE giving presents? Every one of my Offbeat Bride couples will receive a complimentary canvas wall hanging of one of their wedding photos!

Examples of my work


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