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Hello! Hello! We are Josh+Ali and we run the show here at JayLee. We have shot people who are a lil' bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll, people who are "seasoned" at life and love, same-sex couples, self-proclaimed nerds, all nationalities, people who love vintage, and people who dress in renaissance attire… we love them all. We love you tattooed folk and you punk rock kids. We love simple weddings, thoughtful ceremonies that make us cry, and unique-to-you details. We love quirky, radtastic people because they connect with our photos and we connect with them. Whatever your wedding is, we hope it reflects you as a couple, and we hope you choose us to capture it.

We make sure to catch the behind-the scenes shenanigans, the special details you slaved over, and the spur of the moment randomness. Our photo-style is fresh, sweet, hot out of the oven tasty-as-pie. We use bright, natural colors and try to capture the true essence of your day. We believe you should actually like your photographers (after all, we will be stalking you like paparazzi on one of the most important days of your life). Get to know us on our website and blog (Go ahead. Permission to stalk us.). See what we are into. Or just call us up. We will buy you a coffee or adult beverage, ask you personal questions, and compliment you on your great wedding ideas or awesome hair.

We live in Seattle, travel in the U.S. for pretty darn cheap, and have passports that love to be stamped. Congrats on the whole getting engaged! We can't wait to meet you! Hoo-rah!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

  • Our pictures are almost as rad as you are. Almost. Probably.
  • We offer One Package To Rule Them All. Simple. Sweet. Honest. To the point.
  • We edit and style every single one of your photos individually (not just a small "collection"). No batch editing. No outsourcing.
  • We offer a super-amazing album you can proudly display on your coffee table for friends and family to drool over! Seriously, they will drool.
  • Um. Did we mention we edit for no cost? Painstakingly? We may leave the funny smeared lipstick on your lush-aunt's face from the reception, but we take the liberty to Photoshop out the ugly trash can that ended up behind your spur-of-the-moment money dance (if you're into that kind of thing).

"As we started planning our event, I wasn't entirely sure we needed professional photography. I'm so glad that I changed my mind!! Time moves fast, and my memory of our wedding was a delightful blur after only a few days had passed. The photographs reminded us of the scope of the event, and all the lovely, quiet moments that we shared with our family and friends. It takes a really talented team to see those moments, and capture them so beautifully". -Katy+John. See more on WeddingWire.

"In case you can't tell, we love Jaylee Photography. We loved their hearts for capturing genuine emotion on a wedding day, their creativity, and their willingness to hear our ideas and requests and then turn them into something far beyond what we even knew to ask for. You would be silly not to hire them to capture your wedding day (or your pregnancy or your baby or WHATEVER). And while you're at it, delete your "Wedding Photos" board on your Pinterest. Throw away your "must-get" shot list. You won't need those things. You just need Josh and Ali and Jaylee Photography, and you will have the sweetest record of every memory that you treasure from the craziest, happiest, love-filled, dance party that you call a wedding day." – Karena S.

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