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Jasmine Sky Designs

Dreaming of a dress with offbeat, “barefoot elegance” that flutters in the trade winds, pops with tropical color, and really expresses who you are, inside and out??

As your beach wedding dress designer and silk artist, I’ll use my passion, skill, and artistry to custom-imagine a hand painted silk dress that matches and celebrates you, effortlessly allowing you to feel and radiate your own unique beauty!

I’ve designed wedding dresses for beach brides all over the world for 18 years. We can work either long distance on the phone and video Skype or in person in my studio-boutique on The Big Island of Hawai’i. The choice is yours.

You can choose from over 50 free-spirited, island styles that wrap-&-tie-on. We’ll create the perfect color palette for you to compliment your complexion. We’ll dream-up art work that expresses both your beach locale’s tropical splendor and/or images of personal significance and symbolism.

“Second Life” for Your Dress
If you’d like to wear your dress after your wedding, we can design certain “changes” into it, to be executed after your wedding to give your beach wedding dress a “second life” so it’s not relegated to your storage shelf as a keep-sake!

Sound delicious and exciting to you?

3-Step Complimentary Price Quote
Because your beach wedding dress is one-of-a-kind, I offer a Complimentary Price Quote with 3 easy steps to find out what your beach wedding dress will cost.

Step 1 – Short Preliminary Questionnaire
So that our conversation is totally specific to you, I’ll ask you to complete a short preliminary questionnaire which includes a request for photos and measurements. This will help us hit the ground running when we meet on the phone.

Step 2 – Imagining Your Dress
Guided by your spending plan, I’ll take you by the hand and help you imagine your dream-dress – from the style, to the choice of silks you’d like, right down to the colors and even brush-strokes of the design you’d like painted on your silk.

Step 3 – Your Quote
Your Complimentary Price Quote is complete when we have designed your dress right down to the last detail and I have given you a quote for what it will cost. Payment plans are available.

Then the ball’s in your court… whether you want to move forward or continue shopping elsewhere, it’s totally up to you.

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You’ll be able to ask all your questions.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Offbeat, "Barefoot Elegance”
Mix innovative styles that break with tradition; with the luxurious texture and drape of silk; and the old-world craftsmanship of hand painting; and you have a creative expression of barefoot elegance that's offbeat in your own unique way — not to mention one of the most exquisite and flattering garments you might ever own!

Personal Artistic Expression
Like a tattoo, a custom made, hand painted dress offers the ultimate in personal artistic expression. Because it is made for you, its like a “second skin”, fitting you so perfectly — inside and out — that it effortlessly radiates all your unique qualities and beauty.

One Dress. Multiple Looks.
Just like the classic sarong, these island styles wrap-&-tie-on. One dress will give you multiple styling options to express all your many moods and style personalities. Wear one style option for your ceremony, and others when on your honeymoon!

“Flexible” Yet tailored Fit
We all have an ‘offbeat’ size! Living in the world of mass produced clothes, we don’t realize how unique our shape is.

Ideal for long distance shopping, their wrap-&-tie-on construction give them a flexible yet tailored fit. They fit you. You don’t have to fit into them. Your added benefit is that they’ll grow and shrink with you within a 10 pound range, up or down!

“Jasmine did a wonderful job of assisting me to choose a design that would flatter my body type. I had so many compliments on my dress. It was great to know that no other bride will ever have the same dress as me since its been hand-painted.“ -Amber Briant, Australia, Professional Figure Skater

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Mention Offbeat Bride and receive 10% OFF

Examples of my work

Example of my work:

I ask my brides to write their "wedding dress story" and share these unedited 'heart-to-hearts' on my blog so brides-to-be can get a feel for what it's like to work with me.. Here are some links:

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