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I call myself an emotion junkie, because I just can't get enough of those REAL moments between people, where you can just SEE the love, through laughter and tears and hugs. I love learning what's different about you as a couple and bringing that out in your images.

I hate fake smiles, and I'm all about letting you be you. That way the images capture the real relationships between you and your loved ones. I'm never happier than when one of my clients says "she really GETS me!"

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

My favorite thing about weddings is how each wedding is a unique translation of the bride and groom. All those special, quirky, crazy, fun things that make you YOU pour into every detail of the wedding, from the colors and theme to table names, favors, decor, flowers, and even your dance moves. So I'm careful to capture every detail of the day, all those things you spend months dreaming up, planning and designing. Because on the wedding day, you won't have enough time to appreciate it all! When you get your photos back, I want you to see all those details, but even more, feel those feelings again, so you can be transported back to the day and feel all the laughs and love.

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