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ixi photography

You are a kick-ass kupcake on a platter of bran muffins; a magical icosahedrite buried in a world of diamonds; a musically-gifted dolphin that can win any cats vs dogs debate while organizing a refrigerator like a winning game of Tetris amongst a sea of minnows.

You're one of a kind. So your photographer shouldn't just be another horse in the herd…they should be a UNICORN.

•••ixi is that unicorn•••
There are a lot of great people out there that can take beautiful photos of your wedding. But there are hardly any that specialize in nontraditional, rule-breaking, quirky, unconventional, nerdy, fully self-expressed weddings. But I do. I'm that almost-too-good-to-be-true marriage (hehe) of a highly-skilled professional that can effortlessly wrangle 50 people/cats into a group photo and a wacky, whimsical weirdo that will make (bad) puns and crack your slightly-awkward shell right open faster than you can say "That's what she said".

••• So what's an ixi anyway? •••
(pro) noun | ik-sē | rhymes with “pixie”
1: part unicorn, part ninja when you don't want to see her, but you want to know she's always where she should be, capturing those unrepeatable moments that you'll miss because you're totally focusing on getting married.
2: a sunset-haired funtographer that knows what's needed and provides it even before you realize what it is; you won't have to worry about a thing.
3: the most organized, reliable free spirit you’ll ever meet.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR. I'm an offbeat wedding specialist. I'm not interested in every engaged bran muffin…just the super special cupcakes.

Unicorns love cupcakes.

~ ixi

p.s. I'm available for travel worldwide, and almost always on the move photographing weddings via rainbow-shimmer teleportation technology. Man, being a mythical creature is awesome.

"Best ever, my favorite wedding vendor hands down!" ~ Valerie Turullols

"ixi did such a great job of capturing not only my emotions, but that of my wife, our family and friends. To me, that's what I wanted to see the most. I wanted to see emotion and she delivered. This is a vendor decision you can make and then relax." ~ Jason Tuttle

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