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IMPRESSED by nature specializes in handmade pressed flower jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, and anyone else! I create accessories using real, locally-harvested flower petals and leaves.

In addition to floral wedding day accessories, IMPRESSED by nature offers an option to transform your wedding flowers into custom keepsake jewelry.

Floral Wedding Day Accessories
With an abundance of botanical beauties, the options are endless. Work with IMPRESSED by nature to create the perfect accessories to complement your day! Whether you want to match your flower or clothing selections, or find something to provide the perfect pop of color, the botanical world has something for everyone.

Transform Your Wedding Bouquet into Jewelry
Wondering what to do with your wedding flowers? Don’t let your memories fade away or sit on a shelf collecting dust! Work with IMPRESSED by nature to transform your wedding flowers into custom jewelry keepsakes. With a simple flower pressing kit and easy-to-follow tutorial, your flowers will become a part of your jewelry collection in no time!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I have been working with wedding couples since 2012 and I absolutely love it! I enjoy the creativity involved in designing a piece with someone's vision and aesthetic in mind. It's fun to find different ways to incorporate flowers into wedding day accessories.

I feel fortunate to work with couples to preserve their wedding flowers and transform them into custom accessories. It's exciting to work with new flowers and old favorites; and I love trying to recreate the look and feel of their floral arrangements in jewelry form.

I'm inspired by the creativity of the couples I work with and feel honored to be included in such a special occasion. The fulfillment I get from the whole experience is immeasurable!

"This is an AMAZING service. It is a great way to preserve special flowers in a beautiful and FUNCTIONAL setting – who needs a bunch of dried flowers in their house, anyway?" – Allison G.

Examples of my work

Previously featured on Offbeat Bride:

  • Make wedding day jewelry from flowers (or preserve your bouquet as jewelry, after the fact!)
  • It's such a special honor to work with couples to create floral accessories that not only suit their personality but also fit cohesively into the wedding day aesthetic. Recently I worked with a bride who wanted to create three unique necklaces for her bridesmaids. She shared photos of their dresses and little bit about their personal style, and together we designed three different pieces to suit each one using green hydrangeas, pink roses, and purple hydrangeas. See them here!
  • I've worked with dozens of couples to preserve their wedding flowers and create custom accessories to commemorate their special day. A particularly memorable client grew all of her own flowers for her summer wedding and her arrangements were beautifully colorful and wild. Together, we worked with over a dozen different flowers to create jewelry pieces that represented the diversity of her bouquet. Take a look at before-and-after photos of this bride's accessories along with five others.


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