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My style can be summed up in one sentence – I… LOVE… Joy ! ! !

Nothing makes me more proud then capturing a genuine moment between people…and what makes it even more memorable and meaningful is when you are captured in the most authentic of emotions – joy.

It is your wedding day – you should be smiling and laughing all day! And if not, I will capture you doing just that anyway  😉

I guarantee you will laugh when we shoot because I like to have a good time when we are together. While other photographers focus on tears and try to make you cry, I focus on making you laugh…because, quite simply, your wedding is about you and your S.O. and how you make each other feel. I want you to remember how you felt during your wedding day, and what better way to memorialize your special day than with a sincere photo of you laughing together! (and of the guests of course!)

PDA can be sometimes uncomfortable and forced – especially in front of people – but "everyone loves authentic moments of joy." That's the motto I think about when I document your day when I not only focus on you, but also of the honored guests that have impacted your lives one way or another. I want you to see how much fun people are having at the biggest party you are going to throw for yourself. 🙂

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I cater to Offbeat Couples by focusing on giving them Meaningful and Creative MOMENTS. My primary goal when documenting your wedding is to give you meaningful images that you can FEEL when you see the images. The laughter, the tears, the emotion…all play in a part in telling your story. In addition to those moments, I want to give you unique images that impress your family and make your friends jealous. Your wedding photographs should be memorable…not basic. You are fun and unique, and deserve to have equally awesome wedding photos!

I go all out for my couples because they deserve it. If I'm not exhausted after a full day wedding I didn't do my job. I want non-traditional photos to compliment my non-traditional Clients, and put in the extra effort to do so. I've taken 3 wedding workshops over the years to improve my craft and not become complacent with my art. I intend on doing this for a very long time, and always aspire to improve and learn in order to wow my Clients and to give them wow images

"Ian Chin was a magician in his former life, I swear. Heard the saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?" Well let me tell ya, Mr. Ian Chin is Minute Maid, himself! " – Meghan G

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