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I AM SARAH V Photography

From small elopements on a secluded NH mountaintop to coastal celebrations with the Maine wind whipping through your hair — I live to photograph your adventure. I'm the wedding photographer to those that are wildly in love, wildly unique, and wildly excited to start their life together.

A little about me: laughing is the best thing in the world, my husband (and second shooter!) is the greatest accidental comedian ever, my cats = my very small furry children, learning something new is crazy fun to me, I feel good about life every time I recycle something, I live in NH and dream about owning a chunk of land in Maine near the water, doing something nice for me is the quickest way to get me to cry, I've been a vegetarian longer than I was a meat eater, I sing loudly in the shower and pretend I'm the lead singer of the music video when I drive, and I can't get enough of the couples I photograph!

A little about you: you're real-deal-holy-crap in love with your fiancé and aren't afraid to show it, you don't worry about being taken too seriously, you have fun and laugh as often as possible, your wedding is going to be totally you, you look forward to the celebration but are even more excited to be married, you think animals are pretty awesome, the outdoors are your favorite, and you're looking forward to having pictures that will last a lifetime and reflect the true feeling of the day.

Sound like a match so far? Awesome!

Did I mention I can bring a photo booth to your party? Because I can! It's hands down awesome because it's designed by photographers and is an open air booth so you pile a bunch of your friends in at the same time! With studio quality lighting and camera, plus a color touch screen for image previews – it's a huge crowd pleaser and a great way to get photos of all of your guests.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I won't question a dress that isn't long and white, your choice to get rid of traditions that just don't suit you, or your tattoos and piercings because hey…those are all things that would describe my own wedding. Your wedding day is about the two of you and the incredible relationship you've created – not what anyone else says you are supposed to do!

I love the strange and wildness of you and find that the best weddings are with the wildest of people.

"Sarah and Oscar didn't just document our experience — they contributed to our good time and really brought out the best in us. I don't like having my picture taken, and going into it, I was nervous. Sarah and Oscar's calm presence melted away my fears. They are true professionals and their attitude really added to my experience. They got beautiful shots of everything my wife and I worked so hard to create for that day.

No lie, our wedding photos prompted me to do my first Facebook update in three years. They really understood our vision for the wedding, and our photos are so beautiful!" – Sue + Sam

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Examples of my work

I get to work with some awesome couples so it is hard to pick just a few to talk about! View all of my wedding blog posts here!

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