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Hunt Country Jewelers

Hunt Country Jewelers is a small two generation family jeweler located in the heart of Virginia Hunt Country specializing in handmade fine jewelry and gemstones.

Led by our Founder-Graduate Gemologist-Designer-Lapidary-Master Metal Smith Ed Cutshall, we only craft about 200 pieces a year; half for our ready to wear inventory and half for our custom commission clients. Mostly self-taught, Ed has won national and international design awards and holds a patent for the Jubilant Crown diamond facet pattern.

We are a fairly unusual combination of arts and crafts in the jewelry world because we strive to personally touch as much of the process of making jewelry as possible. We import and cut our own gemstones, often in patterns we have developed ourselves; refine our own gold; carve each piece by hand in wax; cast, set, and finish in house. We work in many styles and have created several thousand unique designs during the 40 years we have been in business. From Dunlop motorcycle tire tread patterns to hidden messages to Intergalactic Spider Webs — we have something for everyone. And if we don't have exactly what you are looking for-we can create it!

Our showroom is in picturesque Purcellville, Virginia outside Washington, DC and our full inventory is available through our website. Long distance commissions are not a problem! We have clients all over the world and we are happy to ship!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

In today's world of mass produced jewelry, it is -ironically- our traditional techniques that make us offbeat. We have great flexibility to create something that is unique to you because each piece is designed and crafted independently of anything else we make. Want a combination of an Ankh and Water Symbols? Sure! (Yup, we've done that!) Matching bands where the designs line up to create new patterns when stacked together? (Done that too!). Hidden initials, inside jokes, special knot patterns? (Yup, all of the above!). You dream it, we'll make it!

And we are well experienced with non-diamond designs- in fact, we love them! Not everyone is experienced working with and setting colored gemstones; they require skill and knowledge because they can be less hardy than diamond, but we are! Fully 75% of our pieces feature color prominently. Gemstones can be colorful, tough, unique, budget-friendly, elegant, and FUN!

And, ya know, just to reinforce our Offbeat cred — the first ring Logan ever made features none other than Link's sword and Carolyn goes all out to deck the store in Harry Pottery finery every fall.

Offbeat Brides? You are our jam!

"I had an absolutely amazing and fun experience shopping for an engagement ring. Claire was so helpful and patient throughout the entire process." – Melinda Freeman

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