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Hello, I’m Joe! Being a musician since a young age and traveling in and with bands throughout most of my 20s was one of the most significant experiences of my life. I photographed our silly antics, the beautiful scenery as the sun came up at 5am driving in the middle of nowhere, friends bands and anything that appealed to my eye. When I look back, I realized how important the photos were that they existed. So many things (some questionable) happened that we’d otherwise never think about again. From that, I learned the greatest parts of our lives need to be documented. This has ultimately led me to where I am today.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Your wedding in the woods, a garden at your family summer home, an old, renovated factory space, the steps at city hall; whatever you decide reflects with you as a couple, all the way down to the simplest of details. I want to depict your wedding in a way that resonates with you in a creative, intimate, yet unobtrusive way. My role involves a personal connection and understanding of your relationship and what brought you to where you are today.

This review is wonderful and makes me laugh hard!

"JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are amazing. Andrew and I poured ourselves a glass of bourbon and have been looking at these on repeat. As much as I don't want children right now, this makes me want to have kids just so you can photograph them. You're amazing!!! Thank you so much. We love you!!!" – Allie & Andrew

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