Gianna Leo Falcon Photography

I am a NYC based wedding and fine art portrait photographer. I consider my style to be different than most and want to continue to connect with clients looking to defy the commercial wedding trend. I got a little darker a little grittier and a little more contrasted than most.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I offer high quality boutique photography for clients, and believe every wedding is truly unique and love to connect personally with clients through out their process. While I may just be doing your photos I believe its also the photographers' job to help curate the day its they are also representing it visually in the end.

"For our elopement, we just ordered a package where I didn’t know who was going to be our officiant, and photographer. Oh man, was the universe aligned that day and blessed us with the most amazing photographer, Gianna. We’re blown away by the way she uses everything, the surrounding and backgrounds to bring out the most beautiful shots. The photos at first glance look so simple but there is so much detail in each frame and it’s so subtle. We absolutely love Gianna’s work" – Helen N.


2 hour city hall weddings only $600

Examples of my work

Please see my website for recent work.


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