Gianna Leo Falcon Photography

I am a NYC-based wedding and fine art portrait photographer. I consider my style to be unique and more artistic, and want to continue to connect with clients looking to defy the commercial wedding trends.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

II offer high quality boutique affordable photography, and believe every wedding is truly unique. I also pride myself on communication and aim to provide support to clients above and beyond just their photos.

"Gianna truly made our day! She was flexible, fun and most importantly, a fabulous photographer. In addition to making me look great in the pictures, she made sure to highlight every important aspect of our "micro wedding", from the LES streets outside our venue (my brother's art gallery), to the beautiful chuppah my artist mother-in-law made for us.

My family commented on how much they loved her, even asking if perhaps she might be willing to join our clan permanently. I am known for making silly faces in photos and my husband is known for refusing to take pictures. Gianna patiently coaxed us both into smiling and truly lovely poses. Gianna somehow managed to capture all aspects of the magical day, from the serious nature of you know, committing to one person forever, to our hilarious journey through the freezing streets of the Lower East Side (me, a lifelong Miamian, in a giant strapless dress, no less.) She did this all while NINE MONTHS PREGNANT! Gianna, you are a miracle worker. Thank you!"


2 hour city hall weddings only $600

Examples of my work

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