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GDA Weddings is a wedding photography business run by Gary Pope focused on making weddings easy and stress-free for interracial and POC couples! When working with me there's no microaggressions or prejudice with cultures different than my own. Plus I deliver breathtaking photos that will have your friends and family talking.

GDA Weddings started out like every other company but overtime I started to realize that couples came to me because I was a safe space for them. I heard so many horror stories of couples being rejected by others due to their culture, religion, and for being LGBTQ. It annoyed me so much to hear that couples seriously had to go through this in this day and age especially since I'm a POC myself.

So not only do I take care of this clientele but we make things super easy by offering an all-inclusive service so that you don't need to worry about a thing when it comes to your wedding photos. So not only are you guaranteed for us to not turn you away based off of how you look or cultural differences, but planning for your wedding will also be so much easier.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I cater to offbeat couples by just being a very open person that is also not afraid to expose myself because I'm comfortable in my own skin. As a geeky POC I stand out like a sore thumb and I totally get how many may just want to work with someone they can be comfortable and not feel judged around.

We love love loved Gary as our photographer for our wedding!! I'm so impressed by so many of the shots he captured of our day…he is so easy to work with, very laid back and so professional at the same time. He did such an amazing job of capturing the entire vibe of our wedding day from start to finish…we got sooooo many compliments on our photos I'm just over the moon happy with everything!!

Mention how you found me here and if you are an interracial or POC couple you'll get $250 off your wedding all-inclusive wedding package!

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