Gardens of the Sun


Gardens of the Sun is designer Meri Geraldine’s quest to highlight beauty in the natural, celebrate raw imperfection, and pay tribute to human and environmental wellbeing. Her designs are ethically made jewelry pieces that stand the test of time and space. Every piece is forged by hand and often one-of-a-kind.

Gardens of the Sun’s pieces salute the asymmetry and rawness of life. The Bridal collection is a refreshing manifestation of the quirky, beautiful, idiosyncratic albeit natural flow of love. One that celebrates just how unique each love story truly is.

A tree is planted in the jungles of Borneo for each sale and for each newsletter subscription. What is taken from the Earth is given back in manifold.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Love is a verb, it’s an intimate adventure, and so creating the live objects that represent it should also immerse everyone involved on a personal journey. We're always so honored when we get to share that special space with people who love love and want to hold it in their hand.

We offer design consultations via Skype so you can be virtually transported to our Bali studio from anywhere in the world. Whatever your intention — whether you’re pampering yourself or on a secret mission for a gift or engagement ring, it would be an honour to make this special piece for you.

Read more about our custom jewelry HERE.

We're perpetually blushing, and it's all because of you. And also these people…

"Some people speak without speaking and Meri and her jewelry brand
Gardens Of The Sun is definitely one of those people. You can see her beautiful soul and soulful jewelry from a mile away. I believe she epitomizes great values and a love of jewelry – something I very much look up to.”
– Catherine, Gem Hunt

“Unique engagement rings that will have you rethinking the traditional ring”

“A rare soul whose experience makes us all a little braver to consider life’s infinite possibilities. We know you are going to love Meri’s jewellery designs as much as we do. I would happily make my selection blind folded.”
– A Journey Bespoke

“I love when a designer takes an imperfect stone and uses it to their advantage.
[Meri takes] the imperfections and turns them into beautiful perfect pieces for individual women… and men!”
–A Thousand Facets

"Can a ring change a life? I believe this one can. With her on my finger, I believe I can do anything."
– @nanook_totem

“Feels like tiny magic to me. A gentle reminder of love and self-worth […] to be proud of myself and not minimise how far I’ve come. Wearing these feels like a small uplifting statement to myself.”
– @tiniest.treasures


Examples of my work

You can find our latest engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewelry HERE.


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