Floracracy is reinventing the online experience of florals. Our vision is to turn what’s become an impersonal commodity back into an experience that is personal and meaningful.

We believe in custom florals that are beautiful and elegant, unique flowers you don’t normally see, and sending messages through these flowers using the language of flowers.

I loved the experience and have been trying to create my own floral arrangement gifts by sharing lots of detail with floral companies. Takes so much time and sometimes. Floracracy was fun and fast. -Oakleigh

She just called. Crying (in a good way). THANK YOU!!! That means we nailed it!! – Dijana

Best flower purchasing experience I have had so far.- Matthew

The flower bouquet I received from you was the most exquisite flower gift ever! -Donna

"Oh my gosh! My Grandmother got the flowers, and she's so excited she's calling everybody!! …This is one of the first times I think [my grandma] finally gets that she's incredible!!" -Stephanie

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