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Firstlight Photography

We are a husband and wife duo that chose to do what we love in life — really it doesn't get any better than this! Besides, we're a little bit too quirky for the confines of the 9 to 5 world.

Growing up in California, Kier spent his early years building speakers in his dad's garage workshop, surfing and taking photos. Living in the landlocked Chicago burbs, Mitzi was busy writing zines, making movies and photographing every punk band possible. Out of this mutual love of photography came Firstlight Photography.

Our photography style has been described as lifestyle, photojournalistic, edgy, sexy and distinctive. We spend most of our time focusing on wedding and boudoir photography (our Boudoir Studio is called Little Black Book).

For your wedding we get some posed shots (let's face it — mom's dig this), but most of your photographs will be aimed at documenting the day as it was, in the details and smiles and quirks that make your wedding uniquely yours. And for boudoir sessions, you get strong and sexy photos that your better half will not be able to put away.

Life is good. Work should be fun and your photos should totally rock. Give us a call or drop us a line and we will meet with you to review our work and develop a package that will knock your socks off!

Our photography bat cave is based between Seattle and Tacoma, WA. We can be frugal when it comes to destination weddings — we have caught the travel bug and have done weddings from Western Canada, down the Cali coast and all the way to NY. Passports are standing by just waiting to see some action.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We have noticed that we attract people we actually like to hang out with — which makes our job even cooler. We just don’t get Bridezillas. No, we get the insanely crafty/ETSY/DIY type couples. We get musicians, artists, computer folk (we are near Microsoft you know), sci-fi lovers, and just people that march to the beat of a different drummer. We get couples that enjoy their wedding and are all about having fun.

We don’t put on airs. When we drink tea our little pinkies don’t even raise up! We are open-minded and get excited when our couples present us with something that might be considered a wee bit offbeat. We fly our freak flags proudly and are so put at ease when we get couples that are just plain real.

Mitzi’s parents were married on Halloween and we were married on St. Patrick’s Day. We let our young children plan our wedding. We had our ceremony on a rural island and we all wore jeans and Chuck Taylors. We had no cake and went out for pizza and ice cream afterwards. It was divine. Did some judge or have snarky comments? Of course they did. Did we care? Heck to the no!

We know the ins and outs of weddings — all types of weddings — so we are adept at helping you with your event. We will work with you to craft a budget friendly package that compliments your wedding.

And just know that is something doesn’t go just right the day of the wedding we jump in to help get things straightened out. Mitzi is great at fixing a hole in the cake (she watched every Ace of Cake episode), applying fake eyelashes, and fixing bouquets. Kier is super tall so he comes in handy with last minute decorating needs, he can track down a DJ or wedding planner with great stealth, and, he is a GPS so he steps in and gives lost wedding guests directions.

"I really feel that we got the highest quality service without the price tag that others were charging. Kier went above and beyond to make my wedding photos perfect. He totally blew away my expectations. I really just couldn’t be happier. Kier was extremely nice and professional and having him around really felt more like having pictures taken by a good friend." -Tiffany (our Friday the 13th Bride)
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We’re offering our Offbeat couples an additional $75 in print credits or a one of a kind DIY inspired mounted mixed media photo (as designed by us). Gesso and/or Hodge Podge will be used in the making and the final product will reflect our couple’s unique style! Take your pick!

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