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When photographing people, one of the most important things is to create a rapport, and this is perhaps never more important than on a couples' wedding day. I try hard to get a laugh out of people so they can be comfortable with me and the camera, whether it's accents, funny walks, self-deprecating humor, whatever. I'm just a goofy guy. But I feel like it helps me get genuine reactions out of people, which will always make for a more captivating image. I tend to shoot more documentary style, capturing the day as it unfolds. Creating lasting memories of those perfect little moments of your day is what I'm about.

I've been shooting professionally for about 5 years, but as a hobby for almost twenty. I got my degree in Photography from the Academy of Art University and while I make my living photographing weddings, events, and portraits, I also enjoy shooting landscapes and night scenes. Additionally, I juggle and can balance anything from a pencil to a kayak on my face, which I will often do as an icebreaker. I'm sort of a clown photographer, but WITHOUT the makeup.

Definitely without the makeup. That would be terrifying.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

There are endless possibilities of what can be done with a wedding, and one of the most exciting parts of my job is seeing the unique ideas each couple comes up with. They should be expressions of you and your partner, and I try very hard to incorporate that into the visual story of your day. No wedding is too weird, and in my opinion, the weirder the better!

I will work with you from day one to not only create a dialogue and rapport, but also to really get a feeling for your wedding day and the different characteristics of it that make it yours. This not only allows me to be more prepared on the actual day, but it also lets you and your partner relax just a little bit more!

"Eric captured our day magically! I couldn't have asked for a better representation. Unless it was a posed photo, I didn't even notice him snapping away and somehow he caught so many great moments. He managed to photograph the feeling of the day and that is what I really love." – Whitney Donovan

Book an 8+ hour day and mention Offbeat Bride, and you'll get three FREE 11×14 prints of your choosing!

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