Emerald Hearth Creations is an artisanal candle company that is founded on the deep desire to calm and balance the mind through scented expressions of nature and her whimsical elements. We specialize in luxurious, crystal infused, coconut and soy wax candles which are crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality creations. Emerald Hearth uses sustainably sourced wax and eco-friendly ingredients which are always phthalate free! Each and every candle is delicately hand-poured and decorated to perfection.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Your day should be YOUR WAY. Emerald Hearth truly has something for everyone. Our philosophy is: ALL races, ALL genders, ALL ethnicities and ALL orientations are welcome at our table so our offerings reflect just that! We proudly offer a wide range of custom scents to align with your vision and bring balance to both you and your partner. We wholeheartedly believe that we can craft an unforgettable scent which will evoke beautiful memories of your wedding day each time you or your guests light their candle.

"I love these candles so much. They are all unique in appearance and the smells are one of a kind. I used to be one of those people who would buy the name brand candles but the scents were oh so chemical-y. You can smell the labor of love that goes in to Emerald Hearth candles. I give them as gifts, or send them to a friend for no reason at all. They're awesome!"-Mike

Offbeat Brides will receive one FREE candle with every case of candles purchased.

Examples of my work

You can see my collections here.


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