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I like to keep it personal. I'm not a studio, I'm a person with a passion (and the name Melissa). But let's get to this later and get to you right now!

You are adventurous, fun, creative, and maybe even a little awkward (although, we always feel more awkward than we really appear, I promise). You put a twist on trends and traditions and make them your own. You do YOU, and overall, you are in freakin' love and it's time to celebrate! Which means it's time to capture the fastest day of your life and let’s be honest, a wedding film gives you way more than a hundred photos ever will. It gives you living memories (and sometimes a gem like Aunt Shelbs getting toasted at the bar or Dad doing a dive on the dance floor). Most importantly, you get to relive the highlights of your day over and over again in such a way that makes you feel alive and feeds that wedding high long after the last song, last drink and last dance. You’ve been told the day goes by fast and you don’t actually realize how fast until it’s over.

I document your day with a creative edge. It’s candid, cinematic and colorful.

A highlight helps you relive the day with unexplainable excitement and full edits allow you to relive the day as it was.

I like to work with no more than one additional filmmaker and I value the come-as-you-are approach while still getting those fun cinematic and intimate shots. I prefer to let you have your moments organically and save the creative shots for times that are appropriate.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I get what it’s like to have an offbeat wedding and what it’s like to be an Offbeat bride. So does my wife (who happens to be a wedding photographer)!

Our wedding had cocktail hour first, pizza as our main course, a club DJ, everything happened in the same room filled with exotic flowers, our kiss was joined by an explosion of confetti and ended with a rooftop after party followed by stuffing our faces with breakfast at four in the morning in a local diner.

I know, I know, it's not TOTALLY offbeat when you think of HOW offbeat a wedding can get but let's just say it's a starting point!

Packages start at $2400. Mention Offbeat Bride from November 1st to May 1st to be eligible for a special Offbeat only discount.

Examples of my work

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