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Wedding Photojournalist Douglas Zimmerman understands the huge responsibility of documenting a couple's wedding. Drawing on a decade-long experience working as a photojournalist, he specializes his photography in capturing the important moments of the day.

His style is informal and relaxed. It is his sincere hope that each wedding couple will be able to look back on their images fifty years from now and feel all of the wonderful emotions from that day again.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I come from a photojournalism background so I cater to clients who want me tell the story of your special day, not to create it through overuse of Photoshop filters.

"Doug!!! You did such a great job! – Glad you had fun. It was a blast and so happy you were there!" – Kristina Haas and Jennifer Briz

Examples of my work

You can view my photojournalism work on my blog.

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