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Dark Garden Unique Corsetry

Your relationship is unique — so why should your wedding look be off-the-rack? For custom wedding dresses and corsetry, there's nothing like a Dark Garden original. We create beautiful standard fit and bespoke corsets and couture clothing for all genders. Using fine fabrics and artisan techniques, our team skillfully builds each corset and couture garment on-site in our San Francisco boutique, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality.

Our standard fit corsets will fit you exceptionally well because they are based on the averages of the thousands of bespoke corsets we've made over the decades. Your bespoke corset will have unparalleled fit thanks to our amazing expertise: Dark Garden is the most experienced corsetiere in the Americas. We are the go-to corsetmaker of burlesque icon and tastemaker Dita Von Teese. We’ve been making custom corsets since 1989, working with clients both locally and internationally.

For couture ensembles, you have your pick of three expert designers: proprietress Autumn Adamme, and associate designers Kalico Delafay and Marianne Faulkner. Your designer will work with you on an individual basis to create the outfit of your dreams.

Each year, we make hundreds of corsets and dozens of custom ensembles, personalizing each style to match any body, identity, purpose, and aesthetic taste you can imagine. Our years of experience in designing for such a wide array of people means we know how to create the most flattering line and bring your vision to life.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Every corset created by Dark Garden is individually handmade, which allows for a high degree of customization. As a member of San Francisco's vibrant queer, burlesque, and fetish communities, we have an open door policy at our boutique. It always has been and always will be our policy to assist all customers: we love to build corsets that express our clients' individuality. As we make both standard fit and bespoke corsets, we can adapt your design ideas to fit a range of budgets.

Contrary to the commonly held belief that ready-to-wear corsets don't fit on "real" bodies, our unique patterns and variety of ready-to-wear styles fit exceptionally well on a wide range of sizes and shapes. Our boutique staff are trained to fit the styles from our ready-to-wear line on any body, and we can execute minor alterations on these styles to personalize them to your unique form. Many of our brides pair a standard fit corset with a custom skirt. Bespoke corsets and ensembles utilize individual consultations and multiple fittings to ensure exceptional fit.

No look is too "out there" for us; no body too big, too small, too busty, or anything else. We promise to see your wedding theme carried through your gown with panache. Our design work runs the gamut from classic to gothic, elegantly fey, steampunk, and Burning Man-appropriate. Our historically influenced designs range from elegant Victoriana and Baroque styles through to chic 1940s-esque looks appropriate to an Old Hollywood screen siren. While Dark Garden's collection of tailored-inspired corsets is a wonderful fit for butch and genderqueer brides and grooms, we also have a lot of experience with traditional foundation corsets and classic white wedding ensembles. Through the dozens of wedding looks we make each year, we've also gained practical knowledge of interacting with mothers-of-the-bride and mothers-in-law to help ensure your dressmaking process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you're looking to support a wedding gown purchased elsewhere with a corset, our Risqué line makes for an elegant foundation piece – and a striking addition to your trousseau. Who doesn't love beautiful lingerie under a beautiful gown? We have made many low-back corsets to replace a strapless bra under strapless gowns. Corsets offer excellent bust support and create a far smoother line than any strapless bra can – not to mention they’re great back support on a long day! Well-endowed ladies often find that corsets offer more comfortable support than the pressure of a bra. The adjustable fit afforded by corset lacing, in addition to its carefully balanced shaping, actually makes for a much more comfortable (and shapely!) experience than the all-over squeeze of stretch shapewear.

"Not only did I come away from Dark Garden with an amazingly beautiful custom wedding dress, the entire process was my favorite part of the wedding planning."


We love our Offbeat Brides! Purchase any corset from us and receive a free handmade thigh garter for your toss. Just mention this offer when you're picking up your corset and we'll show you our array of currently available options.

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Dark Garden brides have been featured on the Offbeat Bride blog over a dozen times! Traditional, trans, and tattooed — we've done it all.

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