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Danielle Barnum Photography
Danielle Barnum Photography

I am an adventurer, magic-believer, and lover of people whose heart is set on telling love stories… anywhere and everywhere. In the mountains, on the water, in a building, in a barn, in a sunbeam or in the pouring rain (sometimes especially in the pouring rain). I adore the head-over-heels romantic, the whimsical, the vintage, the geeky…whatever makes it yours. I’m here to capture the light and love of everyday life, and what you look like in it. I want to showcase you feeling beautiful and vibrant, and to find exactly what it is that makes your soul light up when you're with the love of your life.

My approach to photography: Catching magic moments like fireflies. I love finding the sudden burst of light in everything, whether exuberant, or small and quiet, and giving it back to you in the form of a photograph. Whatever celebration you're planning, I'm here to capture the essence that is entirely and beautifully YOU. ~

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

There is so much magic in weddings, and I have a special affection for creative, quirky, build-your-own-adventure celebrations (in fact, they are my very favorite to photograph). I'm here to showcase everything that makes the day authentically and uniquely yours.

“Danielle made us feel so special and taken care of, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. As two brides, she also did a great job making sure each bride got their own moments, and we have never felt more beautiful than in these pictures. Thank you so much!” Lisa Hill-Calloway

"Not only are all of her photos absolutely stunning, she makes you feel at complete ease in front of the camera, is honestly effervescent, is committed to making your photos look and feel exactly how you want them to, and genuinely cares about you and your vision." – Courtney Kessler-Jeffery

“Danielle is an angel disguised as a brilliant photographer. She was a godsend on my wedding day and wasn't just my photographer, but also was always there to keep me calm and make sure I was ok. AND her photos are gorgeous! My favorite thing about Danielle's photos is how she is able to capture the character of the couple she is photographing. Each wedding's style comes through and you get to see what makes that wedding/couple special.” -Anne Hitt

“I can't even begin to express how overwhelming impressed I am with your work. You were an absolute DELIGHT to work with and you are truly gifted. Thank you a thousand times over for the amazing experience and the incredible photos. I will be recommending you to every single engaged person I know.“ -Lindsay Gagnebin

“Danielle was, in a word, amazing. I've been acquainted with Danielle for many years and have always admired her spirit, sense of fun and her way of putting people at ease. I have never loved getting my photo taken and sort of dreaded that part of the day. Danielle made it an absolute joy and worked with me and everyone else to make us laugh and be comfortable. The photos we got back were all stunning.” -Rachel Lerum

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