Danielle Barnum Photography

Capturing the essence that is entirely YOU.

An artist and total people-lover at heart, my photographic style is a blend of visual storytelling with a dash of alchemy.

Capturing real, vibrant, captivating, magic-infused moments of you and the people that light up your world is what I love most. Let’s create something that inspires you.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Let’s make some magic, shall we?

I'm an imaginative spirit and absolutely LOVE it when you get creative about how to make your wedding day amazing! Give me all the funky, quirky, indie, in the woods, in the trees, on a mountain, barefoot-by-the-water, vintage, quirky, nerdy details that make you light up, and let’s make your celebration the most spectacularly YOU as humanly possible.

"I didn't know Hogwarts had a photography department, but clearly Danielle got her letter because she is an actual wizard! Danielle is able to see what makes you uniquely you, guide you to your true self, and then capture that image flawlessly." ~Jessica Robins

"Danielle is an angel disguised as a brilliant photographer. My favorite thing about her photos is how she is able to capture the character of the couple she is photographing–each wedding's style comes through and you get to see what makes that couple special. Her energy and love will be one of your favorite memories from the day!" ~Anne Hitt

Examples of my work

As seen on Offbeat Bride: Rubber ducks and blue hair: we love this sea-inspired wedding meets masquerade


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