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Danette Pascarella Photography

For a good chunk of my life I worked as a biologist but eventually the universe lead me down a different path. Photography discovered me, not the other way around. I identified myself more as a photographer than as a scientist and eventually started to photograph weddings to satisfy the creative urgings in my brain. I finally felt like I had a true purpose in this life. Changing careers allowed me to marry my artistic side with the technical, and here I am now, wanting to share this all with you.

Fast forward to now. I just don’t photograph weddings; I am documenting one of your major life milestones.

Photographing weddings is an honor and I totally believe that your wedding photos are your first official family heirloom. And all your favorite people are together in one place! From the sweet embrace with your grandmother to your crazy college friend tearing up the dance floor, I will be there every minute with you, capturing it all.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

A wedding day may follow the same general formula, but no two are ever alike. What’s different? The people! Everyone is different, everyone is beautiful, and everyone always wants to look good in pictures. If you are silly, romantic, or somewhere in between, my goal is to capture your true essence and personalities: all the good stuff that makes you both who you are.

These are AMAZING!!!! I don't even know where to begin… Thanks to you though, I can relive all the moments by just looking at these pictures – THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!” – Liz & Dan

Mention you found me Offbeat Bride and you’ll receive something “on me!" What would you like? A complimentary hour of coverage on your wedding day? A 16”x24” canvas? Or a complimentary 30-minute mini engagement session in Hunterdon County, NJ? So many choices!

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