At CustomMade, we create jewelry that's as unique as the moments, memories, and people that inspire it. We believe jewelry should be created just for you. And when it comes to something as important (and as expensive) as an engagement ring, searching and searching through stores and catalogs just doesn't cut it. So we've created a new kind of shopping experience, one that connects you with a whole team of experts (artists, stylists, gemologists, bench jewelers) to guide you through the process of designing and creating a piece that's 100% you.

Sound hard? It isn't! In fact, it should relieve the stress and make ring shopping fun! Our team guides you through the entire experience. You'll get to discuss styles and design ideas, materials and price trade-offs. Our artists create beautiful design sketches and, when we've created the look you love, you'll see exactly how it looks in 3D renderings so that there are absolutely no surprises about how the finished ring will look. And our gemologists and diamond experts will walk you through selecting the perfect center stone, whether you're looking for a great value on a round brilliant cut diamond, making a statement with a funky salt & pepper rose cut diamond, or showcasing her favorite color with a custom-cut purple sapphire.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Every piece we create reflects a specific person, so we design rings that are as varied as our customers! A gothic skull ring with a deep red center stone. Octopus tentacles winding around a shimmering Australian opal. Dragons and snakes and video games! Elvish, Aurebesh, Gallifreyan. From the macabre to the wonderfully geeky, you'd be hard-pressed to find an inspiration that we couldn't help you turn into a perfect piece of jewelry. Whether your style is totally out there or just off the beaten path, we're perfect for the offbeat bride that wants a unique ring. A ring that's just so you.

"I was amazed at how the designer put my thoughts and ideas into a sketch, and then into this amazing piece! I was pleased with the constant communication during the whole process! I love the ring, and when I proposed on the 23rd my fiancĂ©e was in shock! She was so amazed on the design and was so happy that she has a unique piece! Thank you to everyone at Custom Made for making this happen!" – Megan O.

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