I am Cathy and I founded Cathy Telle 8 years ago to create extraordinary and unforgettable gowns and veils.

I am 30 years old, I was born in Ukraine, and it is here in Kyiv, the capital of our country, that the Cathy Telle showroom and workspace are located.

The main goal of my work is to allow each bride to get involved in the creation of her unique wedding gown. I customize every detail for our brides, starting from their unique measurements and finishing with the final ornamental design, and take into account all their preferences. There were many cases when I started making a gown having only the basic sketch confirmed, and all details were subsequently discussed step by step with the bride.

‘A dress worth saving for your daughter’ is our motto. I believe that a wedding gown is a family relic.

Two years ago I found a piece of my grandma’s handcrafted lace and I felt as if she was still with me. I decided to keep this lace for my future wedding gown and thought that it would be a nice idea to give an opportunity to every Cathy Telle bride to make her gown even more special. I always offer our brides to incorporate some special detail, such as a fragment of their mom’s wedding dress, into the design, or to have the words from their father’s letter embroidered onto the gown. Since the day we announced this offer, I have been receiving most heartwarming letters from brides who share their cherished memories and send us packages with special significant pieces that are later attached to their gowns.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

When I realized that there are a lot of girls who want to get a Cathy Telle gown but have doubts because of the need to place an order remotely, I decided to make this process both safe and exciting.

Now, when you order our gown, you first receive a test garment and several samples of fabric. This allows us to double-check the size and the position of the main lines and to make any alternations necessary during the gown making process.

My two biggest passions are couture tailoring and fabrics. Everything, including the simplest loops for fastening are made in our own workspace. Any time I work with lace, I do everything to avoid damaging the ornament when cutting out the details, and make sure that the inside of the dress looks perfectly neat.

I adore working with a variety of different textures. If you read the descriptions of our items, you will find cotton, which we use to make the most comfortable lining; silk and silk chiffon, adorable matt thin fabrics for the top layer of the gown; and thin tulle, which makes even the most voluminous Cathy Telle skirt feel extremely light. The most extraordinary fabric, however, is lace, and I occasionally work with custom embroidered lace. I consider preferences of the bride regarding the ornament and hue, try out different textures on the lace machine and create a unique fragment.

Having an excellent record of designing and producing wedding gowns and veils, I would be delighted to apply my knowledge, skills, and passion in the creation of your unique look for your wedding. Let me know if you would like me to become your personal wedding dress designer.

"Cathy was absolutely the most amazing to work with. We gave her such a short time period to work on this wedding gown for me and it was the most beautiful dressI I have ever seen! She was also very happy to work with me on customizing the size of the gown and making sure everything was the right fit. All of her responses were very fast which made me know that she is a very hard worker and genuinely cares for what she does. My most favorite part of the dress were the detail on the bodice. The embroidery specifically was amazing and made me feel so special. I received so many compliments of the dress and I noticed the color is ever better in person due to the high quality of the fabric that is used. Thank you so much Cathy you made our day so special!" -Addison

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