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What I lack in understanding of complex mathematical theories such as Pi (clearly a food item) and invisible numbers (if I can't see them, why should I care?) I make up for in photography skills.

After growing up with no pets to my name I did what we call 'overkill' and am now the owner of three very unique dogs with my husband. I enjoy smothering them with love, sneaking them treats, and letting them lounge all over the house. Although my insane dog love could make me a pet photographer, I prefer to put my energy into wedding photography.

When I am not being a jerk by taking accidental photos of my own feet, using the word 'honestly' too much, and putting the toilet paper roll on the wrong way (how awful) I enjoy going to the movies, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and basically anything nerdy. I also love reading, hiking, wine, and taking long naps in my hammock – you know, the usual stuff.

Here's the lowdown. I am located here in Denver at a mile high above sea level. 5,280 feet! Although I don't ski (I know it's a shame), living here and being oxygen deprived does have its perks. It makes it extra difficult to boil water or bake. Don't get me started on gluten free baking! I always appreciate any chance I can get to travel somewhere that I can properly boil water. Feel free to book me for your sea level weddings anywhere or here locally in Colorado too!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Sometimes couples just don't need that big huge fancy wedding package with all the trinkets. A lot of my offbeat couples are putting their time and budget in the places that matter most to them, which is why it's so important for me to have simple pricing you can build yourself. Sometimes offbeat couples just aren't looking for full day coverage and want to build their own coverage and customize it to their needs. That's what I offer.

I price everything for my clients by the hour of wedding coverage. You decide how many hours you want me there and that's all you pay for. That price always includes the print release to your digital files so you can share them with friends, family, and other wedding guests. I want you to put your focus on the parts of the day that matter the most to you. Sure, photography is important, but so is making your wedding day a reflection of who you truly are. When you take the time to have a wedding that is unique to you it makes my job so much more fun. That's why I love working with offbeat couples!

"If you want a photographer that is warm, professional, and truly talented — Carrie is your woman. She has a thoughtful approach to her work and her zeal for capturing the most beautiful moments in life shines through in her photographs. It was as if we we're having an old friend take pictures for us." – Leah & Kalvin
(Link to Leah and Kalvin's Wedding)

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