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I am Carole, a Parisian transplant and photo nerd, who fell into wedding photography and never looked back.

Having been raised shooting film, I love playing with interesting light, edgy composition and all the tricks photography has to offer. Photography is my deepest passion, and shooting weddings is what I love the most. I am down for anything and I love a challenge!

My style is candid and fuss-free. I always enter a wedding with a sense of naivety, ready to take in your story and drown i it with you. I take it as a precious gift to be trusted by two people for their wedding day, and will go to the end of the world to get the perfect pictures, even if it means climbing up a tree. Actually, especially if it means climbing up a tree.

Some of my packages include an unlimited amount of shooting time and if you allow me, I like to be there in the earliest hours of your day, until the very last guest leaves. I believe the most important moments happen between the dress is put on and the cake is cut, but the most precious ones often happen after the city is sleeping, when a couple is cuddling while sitting on the stairs outside the venue, or a kid is dozing off in the reception hall.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

It is very important for a couple to connect with their photographer. They are going to spend a lot of time together, share stories and laugh together. I can adapt to pretty much any situations, but I am who I am. I am enthusiastic and inspired, and I prefer capturing burst of laughter to sweet posey smiles. I am a discreet shooter and won't interfere too much in your day, paparazzo-style. When I stumbled upon the Offbeat bride community, I discovered a whole world where people don't take themselves too seriously, love color, and appreciate creativity. This is the place I was meant to be! And I cannot wait to meet brides who share my vision and energy.

"Carole was an absolute gem to work with! My wife and I decided to elope rather quickly to New York City and she was the second best thing that happened to us while we were there (the first being the marriage of course!). She quickly responded to my initial email inquiries, booked the date, and offered site suggestions where necessary. Her presence during our big day was so smooth that she may as well have been a long-time best friend of both of us. On top of all that, her photos are spectacular – candid, photo-journalistic, intimate, and simply perfect. She managed to capture on camera everyone's emotions and accented them with all the little details that made the day uniquely ours. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking someone with a natural aptitude for seeing and capturing any spectacular moments." – More from WeddingWire

To every Offbeat Bride, I will be happy to offer an 8×8 photo book with custom hard cover and true photo paper. I don't do glitter and sparkles, and my books are simple and beautifully made. Check them out on my website!

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